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“Dental Implants Market Views Growing Population of Elderly as Primary Growth Driver”
According to MarketIntelReports, “Dental Implants Market” Medical Devices Pipeline Assessment, 2016″ provides an overview of Dental Implants currently in pipeline stage.

Dental Implants can be described as components that are stuck (through the process of implantation) to the jaw with the objective of supporting or holding an artificial dental body like dentures, implant teeth, false teeth, etc. The modern process of dental implantation is known as Osseo integration and material such as titanium is used to stick denture implants to the bone within the jaw.

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Scope & Regional Forecast of the Dental Implants Market

Over the years, the R&D efforts undertaken by the Dental Implants Market have transformed the fruits of implant dentistry into being durable, strong, and reduced the cost of dental implants themselves. Another advantage spurring dental surgery is the wear and tear taking place in human jaws on a daily basis. This requires the utilization of implant dentistry skills on people across all ages.

The typical oral surgeon usually replaces missing tooth or teeth with a tooth implant. Implant teeth or false teeth are carefully placed in such a manner that the adjacent teeth, which are healthy, are not disturbed. The Dental Implants Market offers a natural feel and look with additional support and security through tooth implants or other dental implants. Denture implants also help in the recuperation of facial tissues and makes life a little more comfortable for a patient.

The Dental Implants Market considers a few factors to be the primary growth drivers: a rise in the aging population where implant dentistry is a necessity; growing awareness and concern regarding oral hygiene across all age groups; more individuals resorting to cosmetic surgery; and the disposable income in developing countries rising rapidly.

The single biggest growth driver for the Dental Implants Market is the population of the elderly or aged. Old age has been found, time and again, to be greatest factor when it comes to tooth loss or other dental issues. In some countries like China and Japan, the population base of the elderly is growing at unprecendented rates. Hence, this factor is set to boost future demand for dentures and other oral surgeon skills.  

The Dental Implants Market expects Asia-Pacific to exhibit a tremendous amount of demand growth over the next few years thanks to the aging population present in the location. Other factors like rising image consciousness and disposable income are well set to augment demand from other age groups as well.  

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Key Players Involved in the Dental Implants Market

Some of the key players involved in the Dental Implants Market are as follows:


  • Coland Holdings Company Limited
  • Evonik Corporation
  • Face Your Face HandelsGes.m.b.H.
  • Grant Dental Technology Corporation
  • Nano Interface Technology, Inc.
  • Pharmaco-Kinesis Corporation 

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