The Semi-finals of Keqiao Contest has been successfully Held on Jan 15th At Silicon Valley

The Semi-finals of Shaoxing Golden Keqiao Ÿ The First International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest of High-level Overseas Talents has successfully concluded on Jan. 15th at Silicon Valley.

20 extraordinary entrepreneurs gathered into the sacred land—Silicon Valley. They showed to the world their great ambition of changing the world with their intelligence and determination.

Dozens of investment institutions and hundreds of entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley went to the contest and witnessed the competition between the global super brains.

The contest was held by People’s Government of Shaoxing Keqiao District and Zhejiang Cybernaut Venture Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd. The contest was undertook and organized by Organization Department of CPC Shaoxing Keqiao District Committee, Shaoxing Keqiao District Human Resources And Social Security Bureau, The Construction Administration Committee of Shaoxing Golden Keqiao Sci-Tech City (Industry Park for the Thousand Talents Program), and Zhejiang Saichuang Weilai Venture Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd.

The contest aims to connect with the North America and have an impact on the entire world. So the hosts gathered foreign and domestic great projects and would reward the award-winning projects that want to start up in Keqiao Distric. The contest will pick out a group of projects that are including high technologies, great potential of business development or intention of starting up in Keqiao. If the award-winning projects successfully start up in Keqiao District, they will get up to 5million RMB from the government’s support, also might receive capitals from the contest special funds.

In order to promote industry upgrading, The Construction Administration Committee of Shaoxing Golden Keqiao Sci-Tech City unveiled and inaugurated in 2016. In the following 10 years, Sci-Tech City strives for gathering above 400 advanced overseas talents, with 130 and above of “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts”. Additionally, Shaoxing Golden Keqiao Sci-Tech City continues to develop emerging industries, such as biological medicine, new materials, water environment protection, high-tech equipment, new energy, electronic information and so on.

As the host of the contest, Zhejiang Cybernaut Venture Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd. has been devoted to overseas distributions. Based on the successful experience of startup in Silicon Valley, Zhejiang Cybernaut has already expanded to Los Angeles, Boston, Tel Aviv, Germany, and Japan. In the future, Zhejiang Cybernaut will still pursue the strategy of “G10”, which means starting incubators in 10 cities with industrial cluster. 

Furthermore,as the organizer, Zhejiang Saichuang Weilai through entrepreneurial ecosystem as “Talent + Capital + Incubating + Startup Services” to seek out overseas talents and gathers talents and great projects by holding entrepreneurship contests. Also, Zhejiang Saichuang Weilai help enterprises to accelerate the projects by the supports from tutor funds and industry funds.

The founders of top 20 projects that in the Semi-finals of the contest are all from global elite universities, like the U.S., Germany, England, Japan and Hong Kong. The projects’ fields cover different industries, such as life health, new material, intelligent-hardware, high-tech equipment and electronic information. 

During the contest, many investors seemed to be in such a hush to have conversations with their fond projects’ founders. Investors were totally engaged with the contest, nearly did not leave their seat for about 5 and a half hours. Especially in the “Q&A” part, the enthusiasm of the investors ran higher and higher. The investors were surprised that the contest could find such great projects from the entire world. Most of the investors indicated that this contest was the best and the most effective in recent years.

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