Launches New Website to Review Protein Powders

“Nicole Johnson of” provides comprehensive testing and reviews to help consumers find the perfect protein powder that helps them reach their body and health goals.

Today a new website called was launched to help consumers wade through the overcrowded protein market to discover the perfect product for their particular situation.

Whether it’s to lose weight, bulk up or get toned, protein powders are now the go-to product for those looking to achieve their ideal body. 

The problem is, the protein market has been flooded with hundreds of different products over the last few years and consumers are confused.

Nicole Johnson, the founder of had this to say, “The popularity of protein products has been great for consumers on one hand as there’s been a lot of innovation and selection is at an all-time high.  The downside is many people aren’t sure which type of protein, and which type of protein powder will work best for them.  Our goal with the website is to help clear up some of this confusion.”

To help people figure out which protein powder is the best choice for them, Nicole will buy a new protein powder for testing every week.

Then, Nicole’s team of researchers (both men and women) will actually use the product themselves and rate it based on these factors:

–  Ease of Use
–  Taste
–  Macro Analysis
–  Ingredients
–  Side Effects
–  Best Uses
–  Price and Guarantee

The protein powders that fare the best in testing will be added to a “top 10” list that will be continually updated as more and more protein powders are reviewed.

Further, Nicole will review each and every product on her dedicated YouTube channel.

In addition to the reviews, Nicole’s team will also post articles about protein in general and the best ways to use it.  The goal of the website is to become a top protein information source.

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