“Magnetized Earth Water – The New Liquid Gold.”
60 new coffee shops in just 10 months in 2016. In 2017, 250 new locations planned. Best Roast Coffee has one thing no coffee competitor has – Quantum Water. New ebook now on sale in over 80 countries, to support it “The Force Is In You”. Trump may be the name of the new president, but innovations best roast coffee has are the Trump card for Best Roast Coffee.

Competition for dominance of the coffee market is fierce in an industry that’s seeing a burst of demand among the important millennial crowd, and one company is using “quantum” magnetized water as a way to improve the flavor of their product and beat competitors like Starbucks that don’t have experience with this unique water.

Best Roast Coffee (BRC) has found liquid gold with its technology that uses magnetics to treat water used for making coffee, which removes more contaminants than the conventional approach of running the water through rocks and filters to add alkaline and increase the pH levels in order to improve taste. BRC has devised an exclusive approach that is part of a growing recognition of the potential health benefits of magnetics.

The technology couldn’t come at a better time for BRC, because industry data show that the coffee market is booming, particularly for gourmet drinks. Consumers are looking for drinks that not only have a great flavor, but also other benefits including improving health or a philosophical connection with a brand.

Students at University College London noted the emerging popularity of specialty coffee drinks in a report that analyzed data from 2014 collected by the U.S. trade group the National Coffee Association (NCA). The data showed that conventional large-name coffee brands such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts had fallen to 49 percent of the market with gourmet drinks at 51 percent, which was an 8 percent increase over the 2013 respective share.

In 2015, the NCA then published a National Coffee Drinking Trends report that found the percentage of people who claimed to have had coffee the prior day was 59 percent, similar to 2014’s 61 percent. This underscored the stability of the coffee market were many companies large and small are competing to stand out.

A year later, the 2016 trends report found that while older coffee-purchasing customers remain important, millennials – generally people born in the early 1980s to mid-1990s to early 2000s – are a fast-growing market. The report found big shifts between 2008 and 2018, with cups per day of gourmet coffee beverages consumed increasing from 13 percent to 36 percent among 18-24 year old, and from 19 percent to 41 percent shift for those aged 25 to 39.

Customers, particularly millennials, appear to be seeking out coffee shops that offer something with which they feel a personal connection. This is increasing the need for coffee companies to provide goods that match with the millennials’ philosophies and focus on more conceptual benefits such as magnetized water and promoting healthy living and well-being – and that’s why BRC is promoting its magnetized water as a way to distinguish its product.

“’Value’ is not always a question of price per ounce, nor is it a static proposition. Today, value can mean many things, depending upon customer demographics. For some consumers, ‘value’ may be more about a brand’s philosophy, authenticity, and commitment than anything measured in dollars and sense,” said NCA.

BRC says its magnetized water achieves both price value and philosophical value that the NCA data show customers are seeking. According to the company, the exclusive process significantly enhances the flavor of the coffee, but also appeals to young customers conceptual thinking by promoting better health and well-being.

Julia Yim, a co-founder of BRC, says, “An alliance with BRC is to connect to innovation and the organic market which is now here to stay, and coffee is the second largest traded commodity on the stock market.”

The exclusive use of magnetized water has fueled BRC’s growth from one Los Angeles coffee shop to more than 60 locations nationwide now serving BRC organic coffee and magnetized water. BRC empowers retailers with a model to sell coffee using the magnetized water. The company also sells bottles of the magnetized water and fruit-infused Spa water varieties through its subsidiary Magnetized Earth Water, LLC.

Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) is one public company that has seen growth through using BRC’s coffee, opening 60 coffee vending locations within 10 months last year. SFM sells made-to-order coffee and espresso drinks produced with organic BRC coffee, magnetized water and USDA- certified organic Syrups at various locations. And BRC is now being approached by other retailers and hotel chains, all seeking to take advantage of the booming interest in the healthy gourmet daily coffee market – and the increasing interest in magnetics for health benefits.

As described in the new book “The Force Is In You” by Ethan Carter – available on Apple’s iBooks and on Amazon – magnetics is quantum energy. One example Carter uses is the massive problem of heart disease as the number one cause of death, and how magnetics can battle this. Doctors agree that the heart is an electromagnetic organ, and Carter says that heart failure is therefore when a human’s magnetic field weakens or fails. Strengthening that field with magnetized water and magnetic therapy could be one way to combat heart disease, the book says.

“The Force Is In You” explains in a simple yet detailed manner the thinking behind magnetism, including years of research by prominent scientists, including Nikola Tesla who publicly claimed discovery of the magnetic field prior to his death – a concept now being promoted by BRC, Carter, and others. In the book, Carter says, “By consuming magnetized water, people can boost their magnetic energy and by thinking and acting with positive intention truly shape their lives, with the energy of the Earths magnetic field 360 degrees around them.” 

Supporters of magnetism and positive thinking need only look to the growth of the company to argue that Best Roast Coffee’s belief in magnetism – the force – is well-placed, as it grew from individual coffee stores in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills large scale locations at Sprouts Farmers Market stores in West Hollywood, Alabama, Arizona, San Francisco, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas,  Utah, and Los Angeles. 

This massive growth and millions of dollars in investment in the USA billion dollar coffee market shows that Best Roast Coffee has almost literally found a way to look beyond coffee to improve the coffee, and turn liquid (water) into gold (profit). 

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