Digital Detox Presents 2017\’s Top Electric Toothbrush Models for a Whiter Smile

Chief editor, Rose Kelly, has announced Digital Detox’s guide for the most highly rated electric toothbrushes of 2017.

Modern society is placing an ever growing value on personal hygiene. This is perhaps most especially true in the area of oral hygiene. Not only has it become important to have healthy, strong teeth, but it has also become equally important to have fresh breath and a bright, white smile. Chief editor, Rose Kelly, has announced a buying guide available on Digital Detox that eliminates copious amounts of hype and advertising to determine the actual best models of electric toothbrushes for achieving the highest level of personal oral hygiene.

Kelly has stated her concerns regarding the hype that her readers are faced with in electric toothbrush advertising. She has committed to sifting through the fluff to get to the truth about what features each model offers, and the benefits those features bring to the consumer.

Taking a personal interest in this project, Kelly put the latest and greatest models of electric toothbrush to the test, determining their performance first hand. She focused on such performance issues as brush head design and battery efficiency, issues shown to be highly significant to many consumers. Her findings went into the guide available on Digital Detox, which presents the information in a clear and concise format.

One thing that makes this guide particularly easy to use is the comparison table that Kelly starts out with. This table offers a simple view of how each model differs in terms of certain features. A more in depth overview follows, presenting the pros and cons of each model and whether or not they are the right choice for a consumer’s specific needs.

Another way that this guide is particularly useful is its easy to follow format. The first part of the guide focuses on the product features and specifications. The second part addresses factors to consider in order for the consumer to know which model is the right choice for them. This personal touch truly helps the reader to make the most of the information presented.

This guide fulfills the mission of Digital Detox, which is to offer both information and support for its readers regarding personal hygiene. It is this site’s belief that better personal grooming and hygiene will lead to a better sense of self esteem, which enables a person to live a better life. In addition to guides for electric toothbrushes, Digital Detox offers guides which cover hair driers, electric razors and beard trimmers.

As well as providing easy to use buying guides, Kelly also publishes pieces on other aspects of personal hygiene, such as caring for one’s appearance, grooming products, and the psychological impact of taking better care of yourself.

For more information, Kelly can be reached by phone at 01883-733667 or by visiting Digital Detox online.

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The mission of Digital Detox is to present information and pertinant insights on grooming and personal hygiene to its readers. The goal is to increase the reader’s self-esteem so that they can live a richer, fuller and happier life.

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