Project Proposals Announces Perfect Proposal Services for the Valentine’s Day

““I want to make sure no stone is left unturned, and no ring box is left unopened.” – Stacey Asaro”
New Orleans Proposal Service will Guarantee a Memorable Valentine’s Day this Year for Everyone in Love

New Orleans, LA, USA – Project Proposals has announced that they will be providing the perfect proposal planning and execution services in New Orleans for this year’s Valentine’s Day. The announcement was made by Stacey Asaro, the owner of Project Proposals. The company is known for helping its clients in creating memorable and unique marriage proposals in the New Orleans area. The engagement services offered by Stacey are ideal for those who are in love and are planning on proposing their beloved on the Valentine’s Day.

“I like to think that I offer the services of not only a Director of a film, but even an Actor,” said Stacey Asaro, the owner and proposal planner at Project Proposals. “I’m running around behind the scenes, making sure every last detail is perfect and presented beyond my clients expectations. I walk each client through their proposal, even acting out their expected performance for them. I want to make sure no stone is left unturned, and no ring box is left unopened,” she added.

Stacey offers the utmost attention to detail, which translates to a movie-like experience for both parties. Using her experience in binding the two people in love, she acts as a brain for their big day. She has made a lot of love-stories come true and provides step by step instructions to make the memories perfect. With an aerial view of the marriage proposal site, she has made a lot of romantic proposal ideas come true in New Orleans.

Proposals in New Orleans are made brighter by Stacey and her brilliant and romantic ideas. Many couples have used her brains to make their day count forever. According to Stacey, many girls have been left breathless due to the most surprising yet romantic proposal ideas she has given to the men. Stacey grew up surrounded by picture-perfect weddings at her parents’ Southern Oaks Plantation in New Orleans and this inspired her towards love and relationships from a very young age.

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