Commercial Security Camera System Installation For Mitchell Auto Group

New Britain, CT – Mammoth Surveillance Camera Systems, a New Britain, Connecticut-based firm specializing in installing camera systems for security surveillance, announce that they have installed a security surveillance system for every Mitchell Auto Group dealer location within Connecticut.

“A huge benefit arising from the installation of surveillance systems is peace of mind,” Mammoth Surveillance Camera Systems spokesperson, Eugene Klimaszewski says. “Other measurable benefits include insurance policies coming at discounts for locations covered by such systems. This is beside a deterrence factor that arises when would-be criminals discover they would be caught on camera as they engaged in criminal acts within a covered area. Click here to obtain a clear picture.”

An excellent firm offering services in security surveillance must have certain solutions for their clients. These include integrating analog and digital systems into a single system whose data can be accessed from any place in the world. An installed system must also allow regular upgrades that arise from the latest trends entering the market. A good system will also allow safe storage of information gathered for long periods, making it available for review long into the future.

Advances within the security camera system must offer magnificent image quality that would rival professional cinema movies. A proficient firm will offer their clients equipment that captures and produces high-quality images from dark settings or under fiercely bright lighting. The latest digital surveillance equipment clients receive, should make blurry images outdated. This means that whenever the unexpected happens, clients and security agencies will have undeniable images and verifiable evidence at their disposal.

A proficient service provider will have an array of solutions for their clients. These will include wireless cameras that provide images in high resolution from strategic positions. Such positions may include light poles or building walls. Equipment, such as fish-eye lenses, should be available to provide wide views and ensure comprehensive coverage. For discreet and undetectable locations, pinhole cameras that capture high definition video should be options clients can pick from. Camera equipment should also be available to capture large scenes, such as parking lots, with settings in automatic patrol and maximum optical zooming.

All these equipments should ideally allow internet connection to enable clear viewing from anywhere there is internet access. This is irrespective of whether someone is using their computer in their office or checking their premises through their phone from home.

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Mammoth Surveillance Camera Systems is located at 1 Hartford Square #8 in New Britain, CT (06052).

The company can be contacted via phone at (860) 748-4292 or at their website

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Company Name: Mammoth Surveillance Camera Systems
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