Private Practice Direct enhancing physician-patient encounter with Membership based practice

Private Practice Direct is enabling physicians to reduce their practice size and focus more on personalized and detailed patient care through Membership-based healthcare practice solution.

Alpharetta, GA January 23rd 2017: Lack of personalized care from doctors is one of the most common patient grievances today. However, it would be unjust to put the entire blame on doctors; when you have nearly 5,000 patients to attend to. Proper healthcare cannot be compromised at any cost and Private Practice Direct has come up as a lifesaver here. Upholding the mission of dedicated health care, the company is extending a judicious Membership Based Personalized Healthcare Practice solution for physicians, which would enhance the physician-patient encounter by saving the doctors from paperwork load and by reducing the practice size.

Based in Georgia, Private Practice Direct offers three kinds of Membership-based business models- Direct Primary Care, Concierge Medicine and The Blended Model.

“Our Membership based Healthcare model is aimed to ensure a spectacular encounter between the physician and patient. We achieve this by enabling the physician to lessen his practice size from around 2,500-5,000 patients to a dramatically slashed 500-800. This reduced practice size frees much of your time that you can utilize for the desired personalized and detailed care for the patients, resulting to happier patients as well as improved clinical and non-clinical outcomes. Our business models will also save the physicians from wasting much time with billing paperwork so that they can enjoy more time with their families. We are here to make life more meaningful for the patients, physicians and their staff ”, said Sandra Lewis, the pioneer behind Private Practice Direct.

Lewis prefers to dub Direct Primary Care as the “Oldest New Idea in Medicine”. It’s a convenient arrangement where physicians won’t have to bother about billing insurance as it would be replaced with handy membership fees covering primary care processes for the patient that are conducted at the physician’s office. The physician benefits from reduced expenses due to lack of paperwork and activities pertinent to billing insurance.

Concierge Medicine is another membership model where physicians will stay in the 3rd party contracts and his/her patients would continue to be billed for the co-pays & deductibles. The member’s fees would be based on additional services that aren’t reimbursed by 3rd party payers like Medicare. Akin to DPC, this model too enables physicians to reduce their practice size.

“We are true physician advocates as we make sure to personalize all our materials provided according to specific attributes of your practice. This is what makes us different and we make sure to represent your practice in the most accurate way possible. All our team members hold vast background in different streams of the medical field and our immense onsite expertise & resources assure the best possible and most successful conversion of your practice. We will facilitate a patient-centric program for you to enhance your bond with the patient that would eventually shoot up the reputation of your practice”, Lewis noted further.

“And yes, we also promise moderate fees and contractual terms.”

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