Boyd Sparrow Wins APAC Insider’s ‘CEO of the Year’ 2016 Award for Pioneering Work in Distance Training

Morphett Vale South, Australia – Boyd Sparrow, Founder and CEO of Sand Goanna Institute, Australia’s leading distance education organisation, has won the prestigious ‘CEO of the Year’ 2016 Award for Australia from APAC Insider, a prestigious name in media and publication industry catering to the APAC region. Boyd was selected in recognition of his stellar contributions in the field of education, track record as a CEO and organisational performance, apart from other factors.

The ‘CEO of the Year’ awards aim to identify and recognise CEOs who show outstanding leadership qualities across various industries and regions. The honor for the awards goes to just one CEO chosen from a state or country. The awardees are chosen after months of research into reputation, track records, contributions, other accolades and company performance in the last calendar year.

As a media publication, ‘APAC Insider’ serves as an invaluable resource to over 160,000 prominent leaders and decision makers. The Awards recognise leaders who have shown commitment, expertise and willingness to do things differently, and are rewriting their industry’s rule books while achieving incredible results for clients and themselves.

Boyd Sparrow initially launched the Sand Goanna Institute in 2007 to train his own employees. “My goal was to provide flexible training at a fraction of the cost without losing quality,” says Boyd. Going against prevailing trends, he went on to invest over $1 million to develop online resources and systems for learning management and training. For the first time in the industry, he promoted the now familiar concepts of studying ‘anywhere, anytime’ within one’s financial capacity.

Over the last decade, Sand Goanna has trained thousands of Australian and international students, and in the process acquired much sought after brands such as Distance Colleges, External learning and Freedom Institute Australia. In 2014, Boyd went on to start another disruptive trend with his ‘freedom working’ model, developing an in-house, cloud based solution to allow workers to work from home.

“The great thing about “Freedom Working” is that we have seen a huge change in productivity. No more 1-2 hours rides to work in the morning for the workers. No more long waits for their children at afterhours care, as well as the price tag which can be quite costly,” says Boyd. “We are seeing dividends on return with the feedback and KPI indicators.”

With the advent of virtual technologies, the workplace too has undergone a transformation. “We use a hub station, where anyone can go and connect their laptop to any station and start working and can come and go when they please,” Boyd reveals. “Why not let it become “Freedom Working”, just like our students, and get access anytime, anywhere?” So workers across Hong Kong, Canada, USA and India can now collaborate over a secure platform, and are encouraged to exceed their KPIs.

The Sand Goanna Institute is a registered training organisation delivering a wide range of Nationally Recognised Qualifications through a blend of training and assessment methods. It uses specialised e-Learning systems that deliver online courses with video evidence, live streaming, file submission and recognition of prior learning for students who wish to earn qualifications via distance education.

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