The Significant Attraction of Airwheel C8 Smart Racing Helmet – Protectiveness

Bicycling racing or motorcycling race is popular among many persons. In order to satisfy riding desire, some people turn to cross-country bicycling. At this moment, they need a helmet. Airwheel C8 racing helmet is the best choice, as it provides riders with incomparable protectiveness.

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In order to improve physical fitness and delight mood, many people prefer to ride a bike and even attend a race in the open air. Now that it is cross-country bicycling, a helmet is a piece of indispensable equipment. Airwheel C8 smart helmets is the best choice for racers, as it provides riders with incomparable protectiveness.

Airwheel helmets

Compared with ordinary helmets, Airwheel C8 full face helmet offers better protection and much more comfortable feeling to head. On the one hand, it is made from first-class material. It is much tougher but lighter. On the other hand, based on advanced craft and unique ventilation system, it offers very comfortable wearing experience. Moreover, in the course of riding, C8 will liberate riders’ hand and thus they can do whatever they hope for. It is equipped with high-definition lens, sensitive sensor, advanced image technology and double CPU, which pave the way for shooting vivid pictures and videos.

Airwheel C8

Besides, if people want to share their pictures or mood via network media, C8 intelligent helmet also can help them to realize it. The built-in WI-FI modular is able to connect the network of cell phone or other places. People can share their happiness with friends anytime and anywhere. Airwheel C8 is able to realize wireless connections with mobile phones and the mobile contents can be transmitted between the helmet and mobile phones. Riders can not only record the exciting racing process, but also can share them with others.

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Other than that, the built-in earphones of C8 can effectively keep the noise outside and keep a clear sound. In other word, the riding safety is fully ensured. When people are riding and a call is coming, they can answer it immediately by clicking the answer button in Airwheel C8. Airwheel C8 racing helmet not only guarantees the safety of riders, but also lets them take pictures, answer a call or listen to music at will. Is it wonderful?

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