“Captivity” is an Emotionally Taut, Intellectually Challenging Film from Writer/Director Helene Daldoss

At the heart of human interaction is a deep longing to connect, but our efforts are badly disfigured by unexamined traumas and entrenched emotional blockages. In her latest film, “Captivity”, inspired filmmaker Hélène Daldoss reveals how this dynamic fractures relationships. This quietly breathtaking film follows characters desperately seeking emotional validation from one another while inadvertently putting up  obstacles to true commitment.

Her previous projects have drawn comparisons to visionary filmmakers Terrence Malick, Kelly Reichardt and Derek Cianfrance, but “Captivity” is Hélène Daldoss’ most emotionally searing work to date, introducing a cinematic poetry all her own. We recognize ourselves in each of the three main characters, who are trapped in their physical and emotional environments but long to break free from the flaws that hinder intimacy. The effect is heart-wrenching in its humanity and pathos.

Chicago Emmy-nominated actress Jacqui Pugh will star alongside promising newcomer Shine Sturtz in two of the three lead roles. The production crew will also include Tricia Mentor, Lucas Wood, and Alex Webster. “Captvity” will feature an original score by talented young composer Meredith Shuman.

“Captivity” promises to be a haunting and emotionally captivating film, but the production team needs your help to make it the success it deserves to be. They have launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise the $23,000 needed for locations, production design, insurance, and other expenses. In return for your generous support, you may receive valuable perks including DVDs, one-of-a-kind craft pieces, still photos from the set of the film, and film credits, including Executive Producer credit.

To learn more about “Captivity” or to make a contribution, please visit: https://goo.gl/qTzebq

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