Paul Bellow Launches LitRPG Reads Website

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – 24 Jan, 2017 – As part of an effort to help market his upcoming novel – Goblin: Tower of Gates Book One – Paul Bellow recently launched the LitRPG Reads website. Less than a week old, the site already has a ton of great content for those interested in the LitRPG genre. 

Bellow decided to release an early draft of Goblin on Royal Road Legends for free as he completes the novel. This has given him an opportunity to interact with readers during the intial first draft stage of writing, something he has found invaluable for writing in the genre that’s new to him. 

“Posting chapters every day and getting feedback from readers on Royal Road Legends has been tremendously helpful,” Bellow said. “I’ve been self-publishing full-time for a few years now, but this is the first time I’ve published an early draft of a novel online. Overall, I’m very excited about the process.”

In addition to writing the new LitRPG book, Bellow also launched a website to show his passion for the burgeoning genre. If you haven’t heard, LitRPG is a mix of science-fiction, fantasy, and gaming. The genre shines when books include lots of stats, leveling, skill trees, and unique magic systems. 

The genre started overseas in Korea and Russia, but over the last year, the genre has been gaining traction with readers in the United States. All that passion is what attracted Bellow and other writers to the new genre. 

“I’d read so-called Soft LitRPG books in the past, but when I heard about Hard LitRPG and the way the books were taking off, I became very interested as a reader and as an author. After researching several weeks, I decided to take the plunge and release my own LitRPG series of novels.”

Bellow’s first LitRPG book – Goblin – is now available to read at Royal Road Legends. If you’re interested in checking out this fascinating and exciting new genre, stop by and check out the initial chapters of his book. Many other great authors are already writing in the genre.

While Amazon doesn’t yet have a specific category for LitRPG, several authors in the genre have strived to get Amazon’s attention so they will add a category to the biggest online bookstore in the world. The way things are going with LitRPG, this may happen sooner rather than later. 

For now, authors like Bellow are enjoying reading and writing in the genre. He is confident readers will find his new work, especially if they are gamers who enjoy reading. LitRPG is a blend of science-fiction and fantasy that hits all the right buttons for many fans of MMORPG. 

“I’m new to writing LitRPG, but I’ve been a gamer my whole life, and I’m excited to be leveling up in my writing career and specializing in this great new genre.”

Learn more about LitRPG Books at Bellow’s new website, LitRPG Reads.

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