Beautiful But Painful, Born to Inspire

A Memoir with strong inspiring, encouraging, motivating, and spiritual values.

ATLANTA, GA – 24 Jan, 2017 – The newly released Memoir Beautiful but Painful, Born to Inspire introduces Cynthia Ann CJ Jackson life story that the world needs to read it’s inspiring, encouraging, motivational, healing, and most of all spiritual. She decided to write about her life to heal her heart as well as others through her life story. She know that there is others out there in the world that are going are has gone through similar struggles, so she is going to try to make a change among the female gender to speak on coming back together, and to speak on stop causing grief in another lady life, let’s love each other, help support each other, and help open doors for each other because men do it all the time ladies.

“I am myself a victim of attack from others and I am very sad in my spirit from those attack because they was useless. That was the reason I wrote my story to become a woman activist, and woman speaker, and a woman empowerment to bring peace and tranquility to the world of women as well as men because there are some men in the world has gone through similar attacks from other people as well as myself. My book is to inspire others and let them know that life is about overcoming your stumbling blocks and turning them into stepping stones to inspire others that everything is going to be alright if you just keep the faith.

“I decided the title of my book Beautiful but Painful, Born to Inspire because of my beautiful spirit, character, attitude, and most of all my love for mankind. And in actuality I was born to inspire others through my own struggles, battles, trail and tribulation to build them up to just stay faithful and in good spirit through it all because if I did it so can you. And when you look back over all your pain you will see that they was just stepping stones to your highest calling which is your blessing and the adversary was the only one mad because of your big bright future. My soul and spirit was connected to a waterfall for the cover of my book because once you look at my book I hope that the waterfall is going to connect to your heart, mind, soul and spirit and gain your interest to want to purchase it because there is healing in just looking at the water flowing down into the spring and once you read it I hope and pray that you will find inspiration, encouragement, motivation, and peace in your own life through my life story. And the Silhouette picture on the back of my Book the concept of the picture means God brought me out of the darkness into the Light which is related to the picture to on the front cover of my Book which is the light, I once was blind but now I see. My Memoir is not just an ordinary story it was written to help change people minds as well as to help change people perspective toward one another.”

About the Author

Cynthia CJ Jackson is a Georgia native that love to write this is her very first book which is her memoir. She has plan to write many more, she enjoy communicating with others, having fun with others, and most of all inspiring, motivating, and encouraging others. Because that is her calling in life, I was Born to Inspire. I work in Corporate America for 31 years and now it’s time for CJ Inc.

Cynthia Jackson
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