Best Insightly Alternative of 2017 Revealed

Best Insightly AlternativeLOS ANGELES, CA – 24 Jan, 2017 – It’s 2017 and every business owner and sales manager knows the importance of using a good CRM software to increase your sales and manage your client network. If you have a good CRM software you can more efficiently manage communication to your existing clients and target promotions to potential customers. While a good CRM software is invaluable, if you end up spending too much on your software it may not end up paying off in the end.

Many different CRM softwares advertise low rates or sometimes even “free” services, but if you look into what you’re paying for, or what a free service will ultimately require you to pay for, you may find some extra fees you didn’t know about.

Insightly is one popular CRM software that offers a free service. While they do offer some important CRM features for this low rate, what you’ll end up getting with their software may not prove to be effective for your team.

For their free package, Insightly only lets you have 2 users per month on your account. When you consider that one of the users will have to be you, the business owner or manager, you’re down to 1. It’s challenging enough to build an effective sales team, but no sales team consists of just 1 person.

If you want to add additional users to your account you’ll have to pay up. Rather than offering packages for sales teams like many CRMs do, Insightly charges per user. The first 2 users you sign up will be free, but every additional user after that will cost you an additional $49 per month. So if you want to build your sales team and add 10 users to your account, that will cost you $490 per month. Getting 2 free users is great, but you’ll have to pay a lot more than that if you want software for an entire sales team.

At Salesflow CRM we don’t offer a free package. While you won’t get 2 free users like you do at Insightly, what you will get is a quality CRM software at a reasonable rate. For 10 users a month you’ll only pay $50 per month. That’s about the same cost as 1 additional user on Insightly. With our quality software and reasonable prices it’s easy to see why Salesflow CRM is the best alternative CRM to Insightly in 2017.

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