Arizona Dual Diagnosis Offers Tremendous Benefits

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A commonly overlooked aspect of addiction is the notion that an addiction is attributed only to the addictive properly itself.

It is for this reason that Arizona dual diagnosis offers tremendous benefits to the patient. Most treatments centers can treat the “what,” which is the addictive substance. Dual diagnosis helps discover the “why” of an addiction. The fact remains that many people fighting an addiction end up in and out of rehab because the “why” is never treated.

To some, rehab may seem like a revolving door because of this error. Then there are those who fail to complete a rehab program altogether. Failing to get help through rehab does no one any good. Addiction affects lives—and it has the power to run lives. Everyone in the addict’s circle of influence is affected, and never for the better.

Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

It is challenging enough for an individual to combat substance abuse, but mental illness can greatly compound their condition. Mental illness can express as feelings of depression, anxiety, and mood swings. These are well known triggers that can lead to drug or alcohol abuse. Examples of a trigger might be the loss of a child, friend, or loved one. It can even be the loss of a job. Many combat veterans return from active duty and substance abuse with substance abuse habits etc., because of the overwhelming stress. A trigger can be any condition, event, place, or person that induces a person to abuse drugs or alcohol. One of the main goals of dual diagnosis is to discover what is pushing a person toward addiction, and then to help them avoid those triggers.

First, an addiction should be addressed through clinical detox and rehab. Detox is necessary because it removes harmful chemicals from the body. It would be impossible to realize the benefits of rehab otherwise. To realize the full effects of rehab, a person’s mind and body must be somewhat normalized and balanced.

Unfortunately, millions of people may have some type of mental disorder that remains undiagnosed for years—even a lifetime. For them, life is extremely difficult to navigate in many ways. They cannot explain the “why” of their addiction; they simply know that they have a serious problem.

When Living Is Painful

When living daily is painful, it provides the right scenario for an addiction to happen. For the addicted individual, navigating social situations can a painful experience as well. People, to escape their pain, turn to drugs and alcohol for immediate release. Alcohol, in particular, because it is so easy to come by. The temporary release will wear off, and the individual is once again turning to their substance to relieve the pain.

Dual Diagnosis Stats

• Approximately 17 million people suffer from some form of mental disorder

• Of those 17 million sufferers, there is a co-occurring problem with substance abuse

• Perhaps as many as half the people who received rehab did not receive needed psychological attention

• Alcohol happens to be the primary substance abused by patients undergoing dual diagnosis treatment

One of the main indications that dual diagnosis is needed is the fact that a person will continue to relapse. They mean well, but their addiction is on again, and off again. Dual diagnosis can help these individuals to get on track, and to pursue a life of true sobriety.

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