Exposure of Ilham Toxti’s Advocating Disunion

Ilham Toxti, a previous teacher in Minzu University of China, was regarded as an expert on the issues of Xinjiang among some people. As a ‘gentle’ teacher, he has even been awarded for contributions to human rights by some organizations, including the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders he has received recently.  

But what kind of person Ilham Toxti exactly is?

“It can’t be called a government and we won’t accept such a government.”

“Such a government must be overturned.”

“Welcome to the hell.”

“Ethnic Minorities can’t live without the Han nationality.”

“No! Who is exactly the one who is indispensable to?”

The posted video reveals that Ilham took advantage of the university course, not to educate the students, but to advocate the idea of disunion and instigate national hatred instead.

The following views are from Ilham’s classroom speech:

First: Many netizens said that there are many nationalities in Xinjiang and asked me whether Xinjiang belonged to the Uyghur nationality. I said yes, and asked in turn, ‘Do we Uyghur people belong to you?’ For me, I really dislike corps, which is a system in racism, which only exists in China and which only exists in Xinjiang. I think it is a shame on China.

Second: For the Uyghur nationality, such a government is just like an enemy, who you can contend against and fight back in any way, whether it is from Dun Cunrui or Qi Jiguang. Just do it with any method you can take, any method that is ultra and any method that is available. And this is my point.

Third: Therefore, someone says, “Welcome to the hell”. Here, Xinjiang, is just the hell for religions.

Fourth: Does Xinjiang belong to you Han people? Absolutely no. Above all, Xinjiang belongs to we Uyghur people and we Central Asian nation. I am not Chinese, for I’m a member of the Uyghur nationality.

Fifth: My conclusion is that the Uyghur people have a low national identity and many Uyghur people want independence, about 13%, which is not a low percentage. But a large number of people, about 87%, if I’m not mistaken, want autonomy, high degree of autonomy. But if those people who want high degree of autonomy don’t get what they want, most of them tend to support independence. That is to say, there can only be two situations: one is autonomy or independence, while the other is independence and autonomy.

Sixth: If those people (4.23 violent criminals and terrorists) do use violence to fight against violence, I will admire their courage. They are heroes who can’t be controlled, and those rebels are victims. They are victims and heroes, not sinners.

But what do those Uyghur people think of Ilham’s behavior? There are some comments from Uyghur people:

1. The crime Ilham committed is using the slogan of “nation” while indeed splitting the country. What Ilham said and did can’t represent the whole Uyghur nationality, nor the intellectuals or group of the Uyghur nationality.

2. He did bring disgrace to such a glorious occupation as a people’s teacher, and the sacred duty a teacher is obliged to fulfill.

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