Modern Living with kathy ireland® Features High-Tech Gear and Apparel with Patented Cell Phone Safety from SportPort™ Activewear

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Los Angeles, CA – January 24, 2017 – Modern Living with kathy ireland®  announces an exclusive interview with Kim Highfield, Founder and Owner of SportPort™ Activewear, a company that creates functional, fashionable activewear for women.

As a dedicated athlete, Highfield realized there was something missing in the athletic apparel world. She noticed that with the increased attention on wearable technology, people were using their cell phones while exercising. Her concern for the health of athletes exposing themselves to prolonged periods of cell phone usage inspired an idea. As a result, SportPort™ was born, incorporating high performance, patented technology into athletic apparel. Several years were devoted to research, technology development, and on-athlete product trials before the first products were launched in 2015.

“As women become more attached to their phones, many of them carry their cell phones in their bras while staying active and working out. These phones have been known to produce low-grade microwaves called EMF that have been associated with the risk of developing cancer. We have responded to this potential health hazard by developing a line of technical gear and compression sports apparel for women that provides an accessible phone pocket that incorporates high performance compression fabrics and EMF protection with our patented technology,” says Highfield.

Adding to the discussion, Caitlin Weiler, SportPort™ spokesperson, notes, “Since most of us carry our cellphones throughout the day, Kim recognized the need and developed this line of activewear to provide protection by shielding the wearer from EMF. I became an active supporter of SportPort™ when I came to understand the importance of this protection.”

Highfield concludes by noting, “All of our products are extensively tested; They are popular with our customers for the fit and appearance as much for the protection they provide. The comfort and durability of our garments make them the perfect choice for all women from casual wearers to professional athletes.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming of Modern Living with kathy ireland®, notes, “We are excited to introduce this important and innovative product developed by SportPort™ to our viewers. We know they are very health-focused and will find this source of protection of great interest.”

To learn more, visit and tune in to see SportPort™ on Bloomberg International on Sunday, January 20, 2017 at 7:00am GMT. The full interview can also be viewed here.

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