300,000 free tickets distributed to the Beijing citizens for accessing into temple fairs

The people can visit temple fairs for free during the Spring Festival this year.

The Cultural Benefiting Projects has issued 300,000 temple fair tickets to the public for free to enrich the cultural life of Beijing citizens. The 300,000 temple fair tickets will be available to the public from January 20 to 22 through the internet.

The free tickets are offered by Beijing government on Spring Festival to create a more vibrant experience, and allow for more participation and enjoyment. 

“I haven’t attended temple fairs for many years, but I heard this year the temple fair in Chaoyang park will be an international one, so I want to check it out. I’m so glad the Cultural Benefiting Projects offered the free tickets to us,” says a participant who got the free ticket through Cultural Benefiting Projects.

About Temple Fairs

In Beijing, several fairs will be held during the period at various ancient temples, thus they are called “temple fairs.” Temple fairs, originated along with the development of Buddhist and Taoist activities, are a kind of mass gatherings that integrate religious worship, entertainment and commerce.

Temple fairs in Beijing have a very long history, and saw a boom especially during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911) as well as the Republic of China (1912-1949). Major temples all have their own festivals, some of which are held regularly. During the Spring Festival, temple fair is one of the most important activities, and a traditional cultural event that features all kinds of Chinese folk art. So far, there have been more than 10 major temple fairs held each year in Beijing.

In traditional temple fairs around Beijing, there are performances and booths demonstrating and selling traditional arts and crafts. The fairs have lots of games to play, food to eat, performances and lots of people. In the temple fair you can taste numerous kinds of local snacks, court food and other dishes.

Most temple fairs feature dragon and lion dances, waist drum dancing, lotus blossom fairy dances, ground and clam dancing as well as other folk performances, and some even stage traditional wedding ceremonies.

For foreigners, temple fair is definitely a cultural experience, because it airs Chinese cultures from a very detailed perspective. While enjoying the samplings of Chinese delicacies, you can appreciate craftsmanship and artworks displayed by local artisans.

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