Best Microsoft Dynamics Alternative CRM in 2017 Revealed

Microsoft Dynamics AlternativeLOS ANGELES, CA – 1/25/2017 — As businesses grow bigger and bigger, the volume of clients begin to expand. This may hinder businesses from meeting their clients’ needs due to the high volume. Thankfully for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) softwares, managing your list of clients and potential customers has become much easier and more efficient. CRM softwares can help specify what marketing materials and techniques will yield the best results. However, this requires a good and reliable CRM software.

Microsoft Dynamics is a popular CRM software that uses gathered data on existing and potential customers to identify trends. By doing so, it helps businesses enact strategies for increasing their customer base. Microsoft Dynamics offers many features that will help your business, but once you break down the micros behind it, you will be greeted by some of the cons.

For $700 a month, businesses can access Microsoft Dynamic’s plan and gain access to 10 users. This adds up to a total of $8,400 a year that your business has to spend on the CRM software. Usually, small businesses or start-up companies manage their funds carefully to make sure that all money spent will not be a waste. Seeing this price tag may cause many to turn away from CRM softwares. However, there is another equally great alternative!

Salesflow CRM is a CRM software that offers the same premium features as Microsoft Dynamics, but Salesflow’s rates are exponentially more cost effective. For 10 users a month, businesses only need to pay $50 a month. That’s $7,800 cheaper per year! On top of the affordable rate, Salesflow CRM offers a wide selection of flexible plans that will meet any business’ needs.

It is easy to see that Salesflow CRM is best alternative to Microsoft Dynamics in 2017, especially in terms of affordability. Though both companies may provide you the same features that are important for managing your clientele, Salesflow CRM offers the same features and results for only a fraction of Microsoft Dynamics’ cost.

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