Li-ion Battery Become More Mature In Vehicle Propulsion

Environmental pollution and energy crisis push people to find a new energy vehicle to replace traditional vehicle.

Thanks to the advantages of lithium-ion battery electric vehicles in energy conversion and exhaust emissions, it becomes the first priority for people to replace the traditional vehicle. Therefore popularization and promotion of li-ion battery electric vehicle will be an efficient way to reduce vehicle exhaust pollution and solve energy crisis.

Introduction of li-ion battery

The performance of li-ion battery is the best in the chemical electric power source which is for commercial using. This is the main reason to promote li-ion battery used in electric vehicle.

The characteristic of li-ion battery is as below:

1. High percentage of energy:  Li-ion battery is above 3 times higher than Lead acid battery either at volume/energy or weight/energy. This making li-ion battery with smaller size, lighter weight, hence the more convenience of its appliance.

2. Longer cycling lifespan:  Li-ion battery cycling lifespan on electric –aid vehicles is normally 800 times or above, that is 1.5 to 5 times of same for lead acid battery. This makes the li-ion battery in fact much more economical and convenient at use.

3. Extensive charging power range, which is unique on Li-ion battery. If need be, charging time for li-ion battery can be set within20~60mins, while charging efficiency reaches 85% and above. It would even be improved after technological innovation, making li-ion battery a high commercial feasibility. 

4. Better rate of discharge: Li-ion battery can reach 10 times at the rate of discharge, or even 30 times after special designed. This feature is very helpful at the development of smart driving technology for electric-aid vehicles.

Onebot and Tesla

Tesla Motors was built in 2003. It concentrates on using the most innovative technology to promote the development of the sustainable transportation. Tesla’s technology provides an efficient way for achieving sustainable energy supply, reducing oil dependence of global traffic. Tesla vigorously promotes development of electric vehicle in the world through open patents and cooperates with other car manufacturers.

Onebot T8 electric folding bike launched in the market with mass production in Nov. 2016. It uses the same type Panasonic li-ion battery as Tesla. With the concept of environmental protection, Onebot encourage people to green driving and convenient travelling. It will make contribution to solve the environment pollution, traffic congestion and energy crisis.

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