Helix House Announces Exciting Offers On SEO And Advertising

Helix House, one of the best known advertising agencies based out of Scottsdale, recently had an in-house meeting with clients and some of the local press members. The management talked at length about easing SEO costing and announced some massive discounts on their service packages.

Founded in 2008, Helix House has been known for its specialization in digital advertising. The company has worked with some of the leading brands in the market, and time and again, they choose to surprise clients with unique surprises, discounts and offers. The recent event, which was held at their office in Scottsdale road, was all about discussing ways to scale down the advertising costs.

The marketing head started by talking about the need for proper SEO services with affordable SEO costing for emerging brands. As a pioneering Phoenix advertising agency, he added that the company is focused on helping clients with business solutions that meet their goals and budgets. Thanking the core team, he said that Helix House is all about custom deals, and none of their services can be packed as ‘one for all’. The other core members of the team also answered a lot of questions from clients with regards to maximizing the SEO results.

The publicist announced that the company will be offering special discounts to selected clients for the current month. He added that the team is not competing with other Scottsdale advertising agencies, but the aim is to offer services that define contemporary brands. Talking of the customized marketing strategies, he assured clients that all projects will be handled by a team of experts, who will be answering all questions before and during the campaign. 

To avail the discounts, customers can contact the team with their requirements. based on the nature of the job and other aspects, the order will be rewarded a special discount. The management members refused to add any number to the discounts, but the offers are expected to be big, given that track record of the service in recent times. The agency also made it clear that the discretions will not be disclosed to client, and the offers are applicable only for orders placed in February.

About Helix House

Helix House is a known Scottsdale advertising agency that offers services related online advertising, SEO and branding.  The company has been in business for close to a decade and mainly focuses on helping brands in creating a relevant digital image.

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