Veteran Business Consultant Shows How To Succeed In Business With Kingdom Principles In New Book

Seasoned spiritual business advisor Jeff Ahern has recently launched his new book which shows with real-life examples how to partner with God and follow Kingdom principles to bring success in business.

Falls Church, VA – January 25, 2017 – Entrepreneurs struggling with their businesses despite trying their level best finally have a solution this New Year! Veteran business consultant Jeff Ahern has recently launched his new book “Kingdom Business Success” that shares exclusive insights on how to achieve success in business based on Biblical Principles that will bring the desired abundant life which Jesus had promised to mankind. It also houses real-life examples from the author’s professional consulting experience which show what happened to his clients when these Principles were followed or ignored.

The self-published book is printed by Create Space and is available on Amazon.

“Are you burning the midnight oil almost every day to find success in business and ending up with little or no result? You might be continuously asking God what’s exactly wrong & why things not working when you are trying your best and strictly following the life of a devout Christian. Well, you are not alone here and almost all my clients had the same question when they came to me first. Basically, there is a difference in understanding the whole business model which is not letting you reach your desired heightened results. My new book will be your absolute guide here as it extends practical advice on how to utilize Biblical Principles rightfully that will bring the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ in your business,” noted Ahern while announcing the book.

An erstwhile naval officer, public speaker and author, Ahern has been a seasoned management and business consultant to several Fortune 500 and Government clients for more than 2 decades. Presently, he has co-founded a spiritual advisory company, Sozo Services, which helps business leaders to attain success through Spirit-led Biblical solutions.

Speaking on his experience as a business consultant, the author said that most of the Christian entrepreneurs base their business on the same business model and paradigm employed by the world. As a result, they are constantly chasing money but don’t realize that it has to be the other way around. Naturally, the results are same or even worse as it what is seen with the world.

“But it doesn’t need to be that way”, Ahern continued.

“To change the results, one must bring a basic paradigm shift in their understanding of the very purpose of the business and has to start doing the business simply with the Lord Himself.”

Kingdom Business Success has claimed to enlighten the readers on:

• Partnering with God to attain success in business & life
• Making the paradigm shift required for the abundant life
• Stop working for the Lord and start working with Him
• Determination of kingdom assignment & Kingdom purpose for business
• Implementation of Kingdom success principles into business

Ahern’s book is different from other spiritual business success guides in several ways. Most of such books either make things completely secular with just a Christian name on it, or overly spiritualize it and fail to provide the practical steps that are necessary for all businesses to succeed.

On the other hand, Jeff has maintained a balanced approach and “Kingdom Business Success” is the only book with the best of both spiritual and practical success secrets. While there are sufficient scriptural contents to adequately substantiate the Biblical principles and paradigms, there are also real-world examples to demonstrate these kingdom success principles.

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