Lotus Lee Drama Studio leads the way as Chinese Performing Arts Groups go international

“Chinese Performing Arts Groups go international”
Chinese Drama groups showcase their work to the international public, with tens of drama groups attending different editions of APAC | NYC

The day after tomorrow will be the Chinese New Year in 2017. Accompanying with this most important festival in China, many Chinese Drama and Performing Groups are stepping up their games as they take their works across borders, showcasing their ingenuity and creativity to the outside, with a particular focus on the United States of America. More of such groups are also planning to show their works beyond the Chinese borders to the U.S. and the global audience.

Over twenty groups have already attended several editions of the popular APAC in NYC, with other participants acknowledging the ingenuity, creativity and beautiful works of the Chinese culture and people in general. Some of the prominent performing arts groups that have one time or the other attended APAC | NYC includes Beijing Dance Theater; TAO Dance Theater; and Zhaoze Band, with Lotus Lee Drama Studio attending the 2017 edition of APAC | NYC with its The Three Body Problem 3D Drama.

The Beijing Dance Theater otherwise known as BDT is a contemporary Chinese dance group founded in 2008. Wang Yuanyuan a choreographer in conjunction with visual artists, Tan Shaoyuan and Hanjiang currently leads the team. BDT is one of the major Chinese performing arts groups to gain international prominence with collaborations with several renowned dramatists, designers, and musicians across the globe. The group through its international collaborations has been able to showcase the Chinese contemporary dance culture to the rest of the world, with performances on international dance stages.

Some of the BDT’s works Stirred from a Dream, a dance drama adaptation from the Kun Opera Peony Pavilion; Prism, a triple-bill that featured works by choreographers from Sweden, Denmark, and Canada; and Haze a contemplation in a time of crisis, which was taken on an European and US tour between 2011 and 2012.

TAO Dance Theater is another internationally acclaimed Chinese performing arts group that have made appearances in several European countries, thanks to its unique delivery of dances. Founded by Chinese choreographer, Tao Ye, the group has been able to create, recreate and deliver the Chinese culture in a unique way.

The group and its founder have received accolades from different international arts bodies, with several international performances that include a performance at the 2015 Edinburgh International Festiva. It has also performed on prestigious stages like the Lincoln Center in New York and the Sydney Opera House.

The group is largely described as China’s most successful and globally sought-after performing arts company and “4” and “5” are two of its most popular works, where Tao Ye pursued his minimalist experiments to the astonishments to international spectators.

Zhaoze is an international Chinese performing arts group known for its combination of Guqin – the most traditional Chinese music instrument with modern post – rock and Prog-rock in a unique way to create melodious sounds.

The group has made several international hits like Stars in My Closing Eyes, Into Your Dream, The Relativity Of Space And Time. Its unique and poetic delivery has led to many international concerts and shows, gracing international stages with top artists and performers from across the globe.

A brief of the 2017 edition of the APAC | NYC would be incomplete without a mention of Lotus Lee Drama Studio and its extraordinary drama – The Three Body Problem Drama. Lotus Lee Drama Studio was founded in 2015, specializing in stage drama planning, investment, production, branding, and promotion. In its short while of existence, the media outfit headquartered in Shanghai, China has risen to prominence becoming a pioneer in China’s drama industry.

The Three Body Problem Drama is the latest work coming from Lotus Lee Drama Studio, and the film has been highly successful with a large acceptance in China, even as fans were thrilled at the APAC | NYC. A sequel to the drama, The Three-Body Problem II, and other customized stage drama for game companies are in the pipeline with the likes of Legend, League of Angels and One Thousand and One Nights on the list.

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