Developers Release New and Improved WinRAR 5.40

The most recent version of the WinRAR software comes with a number of improvements in terms of compatibility and usability, but also a variety of technical upgrades.

RARLAB.COM and win.rar GmbH announced that WinRAR 5.40 is now available for download in its final form. This new version of the software shows significant improvements in terms of efficiency and usability, ensuring that users can enjoy the best in terms of compression, archiving and securing their personal information.

Öncül Kaya, win.rar GmbH’s Managing Director explained that the companies did their best to ensure that users’ demands and requests were met, which is why new features were incorporated while existing ones were improved. He went on to state that without user feedback, the software would not be on the cutting-edge of the compression field, as it is. He also said that the users of the software are looking for a simple and basic solution for their compression and archiving needs.

Some of the new features and improvements in the latest release of WinRAR are as follows:

Encoding for archived file names can be selected from the submenu dubbed “Name encoding” in the “Options” menu, which affects how archives are browsed but also the commands for extraction. The keyboard shortcut for quickly accessing this menu is Ctrl+E. This feature can be helpful when extracting from an archive that doesn’t have a Unicode name, such as extracting a .zip in Windows that has Chinese in the archived names with Russian being the language selected for non-Unicode software.

Improvements in Usability

Folders can be dragged and dropped from the tree section to other windows or to the Desktop for extraction or copying. The archive icon located in the tree section can be dragged to extract the whole archive.

New Feature for SFX Archives

The developers increased the length of the comments for RAR archives to 256 KB from 64 KB. The archive comment is where SFX script commands are stored, which means one can now have more license and main text in SFX archives.

Fixing Archives

Archives can be fixed if they’ve suffered damage as a result of any form of data loss, including a defective disc, as long as it has a recovery record. It should be noted that recovery records aren’t supported by .zip archives. In WinRAR 5.40, .rev files can be found in the folder where RAR volumes are usually stored and the contents of these recovery record files are verified by an archive test command after it finishes testing the archive files.


Before, the update mode of “Synchronize archive contents” would stop if it couldn’t read the archiving folders, but now the software keeps going with the task while preserving any files that are a match for the folders it can’t read.

Additionally, in WinRAR 5.31 x 64, one could not use the “compress and email” feature in Outlook x64, which has been resolved.

WinRAR 5.40 needs, at the very minimum, Windows XP Service Pack 3 to run because of security problems that occurred in the past. Thus, the software will not be able to run on a machine running Windows XP without any service packs.

A comprehensive list of fixed issues and enhancements to the software can be found on the company’s website. 

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