A New Kind of Jigsaw Puzzle is Born in Cleveland

Camike Press Puzzle Company (kah-mee’-kee) launches a new kind of jigsaw puzzle experience for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

CLEVELAND, OH – 28 Jan, 2017 – To coincide with National Puzzle Day on January 29th, Camike Press Puzzle Company will officially offer their first two puzzles for sale to the general public. “We are officially opening our doors on January 29th, National Puzzle Day.  We could not think of a better day to launch a new puzzle company!” says Daniel Conway, the company’s CFO.

Camike Press puzzles extend far beyond the traditional jigsaw puzzle experience. Every puzzle has a secret and it’s up to the player to figure out what that is. Included with each puzzle is a Camike Clues Challenge sheet, designed to lead the player on an adventure to discover hidden clues in the puzzle’s image. These clues will help them figure out the puzzle’s secret.

Once the puzzle is finished, the hidden clues are found, and the puzzle’s secret is discovered, the player is now ready to go online to finish the challenge and qualify for The Master Clue. Monthly Camike Clues Challenges allow them to compete with other Camike Press Puzzle Club members to earn valuable reward points, win lots of prizes and make new friends.

“Our puzzles lead to wonderful adventures,” says Christina McLoughlin, one of the company’s cofounders. “When you snap that last piece in place with one of our puzzles, the fun and adventure are only just beginning.”

The first two puzzles are part of the company’s Flagship Artists Series, which will feature eight puzzles in all. An Amsterdam RefleXion and The Spanish Wind each focus on a different famous artist, as will the remaining six puzzles in the series. It’s the puzzle builder’s job to figure out who that artist is and correctly answer The Master Clue at the end of each monthly challenge. Although designed for fun and adventure, Camike Press puzzles also have a very strong emphasis on learning, an element of the product that is very important to the founders.

“When you complete one of our puzzles, you will not only have tackled a challenging jigsaw puzzle but you’re going to walk away feeling pretty good about what you’ve learned along the way,” says McLoughin. “It’s a challenging and positive experience from start to finish and that has always been our goal.”

The puzzles are currently available for sale on Amazon.com and are eligible for Amazon Prime.

About Camike Press Puzzle Company

Camike Press Puzzle Company is a small, family-run business located in Cleveland, Ohio. The company develops, designs, manufactures and sells their patent pending puzzles that are designed to more fully engage the minds of puzzle enthusiasts.  

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