Boyd Sparrow wins the prestigious APAC Insider CEO award 2016

Boyd Sparrow, CEO of Sand Goanna Institute is excited to receive the APAC Insider CEO of the year award 2016. The prestigious award is given after thorough research and assessment of the market and choosing the person based on their work, reputations and track record. Boyd has been referred to as ‘the clear winner’ for the 2016 APAC Insider CEO award that recognizes and acknowledges the leaders across all industries and jurisdictions.

“It’s an honor to receive the esteemed award by APAC Insider and I hope this proves as a milestone to our business and flourishes it further,” says Sparrow in a statement. He started the Sand Goanna Institute in 2007 to train his own staff for an already existing business to manage the high cost of training and work hours. The goal of the institute was to provide flexible training at a much less cost without compromising on the quality. Soon after the start, the company moved ahead rapidly to become a pioneer in providing quality training to the employees at an affordable cost. The Australia-based company has invested over 1m in learning and training management system to create a unique online delivery approach.

The idea was to enable people to learn from anywhere and everywhere which required him to invest a lot in online learning resources. Boyd’s vision boosted the idea of “freedom learning” which made it possible for anyone to get good quality training without spending a fortune while saving both time and effort. Over the 10 years of its existence, Sand Goanna Institute has successfully trained thousands of students in Australia and abroad. Earlier this year, the company went into acquisition for renowned brands distance colleges, external learning and freedom institute Australia, which are some of the standout registered training organizations in the country.

In 2014, Boyd implemented the “freedom working” option within his business which enabled the employees to work from home using a unique cloud base solution which was developed in-house. The freedom working option was introduced to increase productivity and it succeeded to do so, while also allowing the workers to enjoy their personal life more. They could work in the comfort of their homes, were happy with the system which in turn increased the results. At Sand Goanna Institute, Boyd has created a culture of creativity and unique ideas. The main focus is to provide the students a convenient option through which they can get quality learning from anywhere and anytime. The same thing is followed by the in-house workers as well through the freedom working option and now they have employees from the Australia, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, and India as well.

More information about the company can be found on their official website.

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