Nxt Skool Snapbacks – The new school in the world of hip hop

New hip hop movement brings a new dimension into the world of entertainment with a revolutionary fashion trend in Snapbacks

Nxt Skool is a new movement taking over the entertainment world and hip-hop in particular, with a focus on revolutionalizing fashion trends. The Nxt Skool snapbacks are born out of the creativity and ingenuity of a team of talented and adventurous persons.

Snapback hats have gone several fashion cycles but have remained relevant all through the years, especially in the world of entertainment. The Nxt Skool Snapbacks came about after several sleepless nights of arguing, designing, and setbacks that gave rise to the unique pattern and NXT logo.

The Gold Standard Snapback is one of the best snapbacks designs, having a hit right off the bat with two separate gold plated medallion placements. The first is an “NXT head”, and the other placement a pair of headphones tilted to a side. The unique cross stitched leather on top of the brim is one of the most distinct and attractive features of the snapback hat.

The Gold Standard snapback hat comes with the perfect amount of leather accent. The cap also has a comfortable feeling on the wearer, with a silk insert for the forehead and white underlay on the brim for a perfect match.

The last of the Nxt Skool Snapback collection is the 47 Cap. The newest edition of the brand comes with the custom 47 logo boldly shown on the cap. The strap back design hat also comes with a unique 5-panel bucket. The 47 logo is borne out of the obsession with the number 47 and the fact that it actually is an angel number.

According to the Nxt Skool team, the obsession with the number 47 and the meaning of the number is an indication that the team is on the right path of spreading the light and getting the world out of darkness.

Nxt Skool Snapbacks currently rank as one of the best collections of snapbacks for sale in the market.

About Nxt Skool

Nxt Skool is a movement started by rapper and producer, Skills, in conjunction with Artin Camaj and other friends, with the aim of revolutionizing the fashion world and creating a hip-hop culture driven by creativity and ingenuity. Different designs of snapback hats have already been made by Nxt, designed for hip-hop fans and artists across the globe.

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