Making Global Friends is Now Easy with Travel Networking App, InviteMe

Malta – Traveling to a new country or region can be daunting, especially if you lack local contacts. InviteMe is a new app that promises to be a huge hit with globe trotters as well as local tourists who would like to make new friends, receive guidance and information, or even find a soul mate in a new country or culture.

Launched by Malta-based Fed Technology Trading, InviteMe offers cool and instantly available features to help travelers find and make local friends even before they make the trip. The free matchmaking app lets users build a profile and converse with people who intend to visit the user’s country, or create their own planned trip and let others discover them. Users can personally message each other, add photos, request for travel related information and exchange travel experiences. It goes without saying that the app also lets men and women discover their future life partner if they are lucky.

When visiting other countries for the first time, and especially when they are single, travelers often miss out on special places to visit, events they wish they had attended, or scramble around for local information. Knowing a native beforehand with the InviteMe app can ensure nothing is missed out. On the other hand, an InviteMe user can also find, meet and interact with foreigners visiting their country and expand their network.

InviteMe has a growing user base and is available on both iTunes and Google Play, where it has been downloaded by over 10,000 users. The app aims to make travel more exciting and different from what it has previously been. Apart from connecting people from all over the world, it is also a great way to meet new people and ignite cross-cultural relationships.

InviteMe is a great way to make travel experiences go beyond the ordinary. The community is growing each day and registering for the app is free.

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