Ever Wonder What Tools the ‘BBQ King’ Uses? Find Out at the Dadgum Barbeque Website

Lancaster, SC – Creating the perfect BBQ burger or rack of ribs is a craft that few have been able to master. In Lancaster, South Carolina, however, Brian Colvin aka the “BBQ King”, has received widespread praise from Carolinians for this “dadgum good” menu at his family owned restaurant. While many cooks adamantly preserve their chef secrets, Colvin decided to share the wealth by establishing the Dadgum Barbeque website as a place where BBQ lovers across the nation can share their ideas, learn about his expert techniques, and find out which tools the BBQ king recommends to craft a mouthwatering meal.

Amongst BBQ enthusiast there is a common consensus that one of the most important steps to perfectly grilling or smoking a meal is to start out with the right tools. However, with countless products available on the market, it can be difficult for chefs to know which ones are worth investing in. Fortunately, however, at Dadgum Barbecue chefs and foodies can read product reviews, recommendations, and recipe tips from the BBQ king himself. For example, one tool that every BBQ lover needs in their arsenal is an electric smoker, and now consumers can learn about the best overall smokers, the best smokers on a budget, the best small smokers for traveling, and so much more.

Since its launch, the website has received many positive reviews and a constant influx of traffic, both from customers of the BBQ King’s restaurant, as well as BBQ fans across the nation. What truly distinguishes Dadgum Barbecue from other online review sites, is the expertise and care that goes into each review, giving readers the assurance that they are learning from a true chef.

One Carolina native who is a self-proclaimed regular customer of the BBQ King, stated “Brian’s BBQ is simply unmatched. He is an expert with a grill and the fact that he wants to share his knowledge with customers speaks to his character and his passion for good food.”

For all the BBQ lovers out there, Dadgum Barbeque is rapidly establishing itself as an inspirational hub of all things barbecue, from tips and tricks to perfectly smoke your food, to reviews on electric smokers and accessories, as other types of insider knowledge. Visit the website today and take some notes from the BBQ king himself for some dadgum good cooking.

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