Tacuna Systems Release New Load Cell Amplifier

Golden, CO – Tacuna Systems is the leading source for load cells and load cell modules, as well as laboratory scales, indicators, load cell amplifiers, strain gauges, weigh modules, and load cell mounts. Their new embedded strain gauge signal conditioner amplifier is the affordable solution for those in need of strain measurement. Users can be sure their strain measurement requirements are fulfilled as Tacuna Systems specializes in engineering tools for data acquisition, sensing, and controls. Their team of experts ensures every product produced meets their goal for top performance amongst their industry’s competitors. Through affordable pricing and premier service, they continue to stand as the leaders in the strain/load measurement industry.

Throughout the industry and healthcare facilities, the need for suitable discrete components for strain gauges, designing mechanical utilities, and monitoring structures become increasingly important. Acquiring these load cells and amplifiers are key to constructing the proper tools for safety and performance. Without quality components, the accuracy and impact of monitoring, for example, may see critical differences than when paired with high-performance parts.

Tacuna Systems has recognized this issue regarding the lack of proper performing amplifier and new load cell components by offering reasonably priced parts for those industries in dire need for reliable and top performing tools. Their focus on quality engineering with specialty skills in sensing, controls and data acquisition means every component produced is of the highest manufacturing quality sure to provide enhanced and accurate measurements.

As a small engineering company with a team of experts in the field, they are able to efficiently produce components that are a necessity for many businesses involved in load cell and amplifier based mechanical systems. Partnered with four other dedicated companies they are able to guarantee top performance for each unit sold.

“Tacuna Systems is a small engineering company specializing in tools for sensing, data acquisition, and controls. Although offering products at reasonable prices is an important aspect of providing value, we know value cannot be viewed in terms of price alone.”

View the load cell amplifier at Tacuna Systems to ensure every tool has a strong groundwork to rely on. Through their expertise and quality care on each load cell, load cell module, laboratory scale, indicator, and amplifier, they can guarantee every product of top performance. Their engineering has led them to be the leading source for the strain/load measurement industry. Companies have continued to return for their knowledge and established quality assurance.

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