1st Class Bail Bonds: Celebrating 30 Years in the Bail Bond Industry

Fullerton, CA – 1st Class Bail Bonds, is celebrating 30 years in the bail bond industry. The family business has been serving the Southern California area faithfully since 1977 and are looking forward to another 30 years in service. The company specializes in DUI’s, first time arrest and domestic violence bail bonds. They offer fast and friendly bail bond service in Fullerton and the surrounding areas with the availability of flexible financing options. Located five minutes away from the jail in Fullerton, they are always on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Bail is the part of the legal system that allows the accused to be temporarily released from jail so that they can continue their lives and mount a legal defense while they are awaiting their court case,” said Bonnie Merrick, the owner of 1st Class Bail Bonds. “A common call we get is from someone wanting to bail out a friend who got arrested for a DUI in Fullerton. What often starts out as a fun night in downtown Fullerton ends with their friend behind bars. That’s when they go online to find a Fullerton Bail Bond company. Usually they read through our website and end up liking what they see, so they give us a call. Bail can seem scary for a lot of people and we pride ourselves on our friendliness…”

In most criminal cases, bail is a sum of money that is posted to the court to guarantee the accused will make all of their court appearances. This is typically done through cash or a bail bond. When one uses a bail bond in Fullerton, they are putting up a financial guarantee with the court that the defendant will make all of their court appearances. One pays a bail bondsman for the service of putting up the full amount of the bail bond with the court, typically no more than 10% of the total bond amount. After the bond is posted, the person will be released from jail. They will be obligated to make all of their court appearances or else they will incur extra fines and be put back in jail.

More information about bail can be found at http://bail-bondsfullerton.com

All bail bondsmen provide the same basic service of posting a bond with the court that secures the release of a defendant, which is regulated by the Department of Insurance. The difference between companies is in the quality of service, the terms of the agreement that they work out with individuals, and the speed that they can get someone out of jail. 1st Class Bail Bonds, should be the first choice when it comes to selecting a bail bond company. They’re local Fullerton residents and are open 24 hours a day. It rarely takes more than a few minutes for them to get to the jail.

For more information about bail, get in touch with 1st Class Bail Bonds Fullerton with any of the contact information below or visit their website and fill in an online form to get free bail advice.

1st Class Bail Bonds Fullerton is located at 1519 E. Chapman Ave. Suite 181 in Fullerton, CA (92832).

The company can be contacted via phone at 714-990-0960 or at their web site http://bail-bondsfullerton.com

Media Contact
Company Name: 1st Class Bail Bonds Fullerton
Contact Person: Bonnie Merrick
Email: bonnie@1stclassbailbonds.com
Phone: 714-990-0960
Address:1519 E. Chapman Ave. Suite 181
City: Fullerton
State: California
Country: United States
Website: http://bail-bondsfullerton.com