Chattanooga Tennessee Dentist Offers Free Dental Services For Veterans

Chattanooga, TN – McOmie Family Dentists, Dr. Mark and Dr. Ellen McOmie, offered a special free service to Veterans on the Thursday before Veteran’s Day. This is something they had always wanted to do to make a difference for Vets who lack dental insurance but require dental care. On that day, their schedule catered for Vets only who needed extractions, fillings, and cleaning, which they got at no charge.

“The biggest fear was that nobody would take the offer,” Dr. Mark McOmie, the spokesperson at McOmie Family Dentistry, said. “The first line of advertising featured on Facebook where friends were asked to share and help get the word out. This worked because within the first twenty-four hours, the day was overbooked and a waiting list had developed.” He adds. “It was so great to serve these people who had served for our country.”

Those veterans that signed up and came forward and spoke of how grateful they were to McOmie Family Dentistry for the offer. Veterans who turned up consisted of husband-wife couples; individual men and women; older men brought by family members; and lone individuals. They had served in various theaters, including Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. A number served for a short period, such as four years while others had served for more than twenty years. It was a very diverse group indeed. The staff members, who work at McOmie Family Dentistry, in turn, provided free dental services for over seventy-four hours of combined work, that would have cost the Veterans more than $11,000.

Each of the McOmie Family Dentistry and cosmetic dental office specialists on call that day had a great desire to perform whatever was required to show their respect to the American heroes who turned up. In addition, each of the veterans who showed up received toothpaste and a toothbrush. This was beside the main service that included extractions, flossing, filling, and full spectrum x-rays, where this was needed. Each of the McOmie Family Dentistry members left feeling quite humbled due to the gratitude the veterans expressed individually and from those who had brought them over. There still much good this world can offer, they said.

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