John Millers Travel Foresees Rapid Growth in Tourist Percentage throughout 2017

Greater Vacations – Millers Travel Offers Multitude of Travel Packages at Remarkable Rates

Rosendale, NY – ‘Greater Vacations – Millers Travel’ is unlike regular tourism and travel companies. Ask any of their customers; they will reportedly express their gratitude for having the best time of their lives, and that too at affordable rates as compared to conventional tourism agencies out there in the market.

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Based on years of experience as a tourism hobbyist, John Millers couldn’t help but notice unfair contradictory rates and a lack of genuine customer support – so much so that it drove him to found his own company in 2011. Today under John Miller’s expertise ‘Greater Vacations – Millers Travel’ is engaged in serving clients from all walks of life.

Millers Travel representatives go out of their way to personalize and offer a variety of travel packages as per needs of each individual client. This ensures an enjoyable experience and opportunities for repeat business for years to come.

For instance, clients from suburban or urban areas in the USA can avail additional travel and booking facilities by scheduling in person meetings. Often times, certain places come up during face to face conversations, something that is normally unseen in Travel Books, company handouts etc.

Millers Travel has a no holds barred approach in helping clients enjoy their vacations to full extent. Instead of directly offering a slew of pre-planned packages, they build client loyalty through detailed correspondence regarding a client’s interests, habits, routine etc. Generally, such one-on-one meetings are held in a homely and encouraging manner to enable clients in expressing their expectations, their budget and places they are hoping to explore with their loved ones.

Both John and his wife, Dawn Miller, have explored numerous vacation spots, and travelled across thousands of places. Therefore, they have firsthand experience about innumerable degree things, ranging from sightseeing, places to stay, public areas, any specific events known to take place at a particular time of the year and vice versa. These experiences help them to recommend a workable travel and tourism package that “Fits” around clients’ requirements easily.

More so, at the official ‘Greater Vacations – Millers Travel’ website, John and team keep posting updates to engage first time online visitors in available seasonal deals. Based on a mix of social media and real life connections, Millers Travel can always offer benefits that are supplemental to regular tourism packages.

For more details about hottest travel and vacation areas, or anything in general, feel free to visit anytime. More so, clients specifically from the U.S. can directly contact Millers Travel representatives via phone call to stay up to date about available booking facilities from within various vacations resorts in the country.

About ‘Greater Vacations – Millers Travel’:

Overpriced travel packages are certainly not the mantra at ‘Greater Vacations – Millers Travel’. Since its inception in 2011, the company has overseen an abundance of clients who have grown to appreciate their love for a welcoming customer support, personalized packages that fit a traveler’s “persona” and so much more. At ‘Greater Vacations – Millers Travel’, the founders, alongside their diligent team of travel agents strive to offer affordable and completely enjoyable experience that is memorable in its own pleasant way.

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