Industry experts launch an all in one career-boosting platform for students and job seekers

“Gradlimited” is a mentorship platform co-founded by Avinash Rogye and Abhishek Mehta, leading professionals from the Human Resources and Marketing industry to help students and fresh graduates explore the best suited career and educational avenues. The platform not only helps students and job seekers in exploring suitable options for themselves but also helps employers in searching for the right talent.

As a platform, gradlimited assists young graduates and undergraduates in identifying the right career options for them based on their scientifically assessed personality. It creates a common platform for the job seekers, training institutes and employers to interact with each other on the basis of a data-driven system that promotes informed decision making. The personality assessment which is at the heart of the matchmaking algorithm is developed by expert professionals keeping in mind the graduate hiring requirements of the industry, this also enables students in analysing the best-suited career options for them in alignment with the industry requirements.

The platform assists employers by providing access to a targeted pool of talent from where the employers can source the best candidates tailored to their recruitment needs. The Assessment framework also helps employers to understand a prospective employee’s personality, competencies, attitude, behaviour and future aptitude. As a result, this helps them in better decision making and cuts down the hiring time as well decreases the chances of a negative brand impact.

Gradlimited also helps educational institutes and course providers reach out to the right target audience by promoting their courses to the most relevant candidates using  a  combination of hobbies and personality traits. The test is developed using a robust matchmaking algorithm that is based on industry standards to helps students identify their potential, true personality traits and the best-suited career and education avenues. Students can explore personality relevant jobs, courses, internships and scholarships all on one platform and evaluate the best career avenues for themselves.

Avinash Rogye, entrepreneur and co-founder of Gradlimited is an expert professional in Human Resources, talent development, and financial services. As masters in marketing, he has worked with one of the leading financial companies in India while handling their operations and business development. Apart from that, he has also worked with a leading UN recognized youth organizations.

Abhishek Mehta,co-founder and Head of Marketing, is a serial entrepreneur with experience in education, human resources, and assessments. Masters in Marketing and Lawyer by qualification. He has a proven track record of successfully establishing companies currently working with the Coir Board of India. He has also worked with some of the leading assessment companies in the country.

Mr. Gaurav Assomull is also associated with Gradlimited as an investor and chief mentor. He is the co-founder of Intergen Energy Limited, an infrastucture company working with the Government of India in the Water Treatment Space. The three of them have worked with a number of experts from the industry as well as graduates which inspired them to develop a platform which will fill the opportunity information gap between the job seekers and the employers.

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