Rick Roberts and Marcus Weaver with Legacy Grace Community Development Corporation Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio Network, Discussing Latest Book, ‘Chosen to Forgive’

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Join host Mike Saunders on Influential Entrepreneurs, as he interviews the founders of a nonprofit organization focused on helping those with challenged backgrounds – drug addiction, prison stays or past abuse – get a leg up to becoming more productive members of society.

For author Rick Roberts, his life changed when he met Marcus Weaver six years ago. Both were working on an initiative to stop employers from including a box on their job applications asking if an applicant had been convicted of a felony or other crime.

That work led to the creation of the Legacy Grace Community Development Corporation, which provides a range of social services to help those in the Denver area who have fallen on hard times and are looking to improve their lives. Legacy Grace provides a home where men can live at an affordable rent that is close to work sites and transportation. The organization also provides a range of other services, including financial literacy, how to maintain a job and the importance of paying rent on time.

The pair also started an art gallery that, in addition to displaying works by national artists, showcases creations by those who are homeless or recently paroled. For Roberts, the work, and his book, address the need to forgive those who have struggled with addiction, incarceration or abuse in their lives. As Roberts says, many of those people are less trusting, more volatile and more self-focused in order to survive a sometimes harsh and difficult world.

“I think a lot of organizations are starting to recognize that there’s a huge need to be able to not just give people services but actually give them a positive relationship … to have an opportunity to walk out from some of the challenges in their life,” Roberts said.

Roberts has started 12 businesses and two nonprofit organizations and is the author of 16 books. He has owned a construction company, owned and managed apartment buildings and served as an assistant chaplain.

Marcus Weaver is the co-founder and Vice President of Legacy Grace Community Development Corporation. He is a professional speaker, business development officer and a survivor of the Aurora Theater shooting. He lives in Denver and is a past Mayoral appointee to the Denver Workforce Investment Board. 

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