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NEW YORK, NY – 1/30/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Golf is a sport that takes a great deal of skill and strategy in order to perfect. Every new and intermediate level golfer dreams of being as good as Tiger Woods, but the reality is that it takes years of practice and training before you can even get half as good as he is. For most people, they don’t have the right information in front of them on how to be a better golfer. Now, they do.

Strategic Golfer is a website devoted to teaching amateur golfers on how to improve their game. There are a variety of new articles that have just been published on the website which helps put amateurs on the right path to improving their skill level. These articles include “Step by Step Guide to Swinging a Golf Club,” “How to Buy Golf Clubs,” “How to Hit a Golf Ball,” “Golf for Beginners,” “How to Hit a Driver,” “Proper Golf Grip,” and “Golf Swing Drills.”

“StrategicGolfer has been born out of my devotion to this lovely competitive sport,” Alex said; the owner and webmaster of Strategic Golfer. “On this website, I will offer advice along with recommending the latest equipment/apps that will help improve your game tremendously.”

If you are interested in receiving this free golfing information, visit the website at strategicgolfer.com.

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