Atlanta Cutlery Corp. & Museum Replicas Ltd. Announces Partnership With The Frazetta Art Museum To Produce Frank Frazetta Character-Based Prop Collectible Products


CONYERS, GA – 30 Jan, 2017 – Atlanta Cutlery Corp. (ACC) & Museum Replicas Ltd. (MRL) has announced that they have entered into a multi-year license agreement with the Frazetta Art Museum for prop collectibles, costumes, armor, and weapon replicas bringing the fantastic art of Grand Master fantasy artist Frank Frazetta and his unforgettable characters and paintings to life.  The agreement covers multiple characters from the museum collection, including specific props from the Death Dealer.

New products are set to roll out late summer 2017.  Waves of props will be released—many for the first time—and proceeds will directly benefit and support the Frazetta Art Museum and preserve his grand legacy.

The company will develop a range of prop collectibles and specialty products including full-scale helmets, weapons, and other props all inspired by the characters, creatures, and themes from the art of Frank Frazetta.

As Frazetta fantasy and high adventure art has become more appreciated and beloved by so many, it’s audience has matured.  The assortment of products being created by MRL will therefore be geared to appeal to the loyal fans from all generations of the classic art which have been so influential to the fantasy and sci-fi genres today.  Each prop will be meticulously researched with Frazetta Art Museum archival personnel for realism and authenticity.  Characters include Death Dealer, Barbarian, Man from Mars and so many more.  As fans have become more sophisticated in their tastes, so have the collectors of these higher end collectibles.  People are beginning to realize that these pieces are not only purchased for their ever-increasing intrinsic value, but for their aesthetic beauty.

About The Frazetta Art Museum

With a library of hundreds of characters, the Frazetta Art Museum is dedicated to preserving the legacy of fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, one of the world’s most prominent and influential artists during his time and to this day.  Their goal is to preserve the magnificent art for future generations and to bring it to an even larger audience.  Rooted in the creative success of over sixty years of movie poster, book art, paintings and more the museum strives to preserve and grow Frank’s legacy. 

More information about Frank Frazetta and the Art Museum can be found on the museum’s site, which is located at

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They along with their parent company Windlass Steelcrafts are recognized as a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of fine collectible products, arms, and armor.  With headquarters in Conyers, Georgia ACC/MRL sells their products in over 14 countries around the world including military contracts for swords to the world’s elite fighting forces.

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