GBI/Awareness to Action International seminar equips team with career-advancing tools for performance edge, leadership success

DUBAI, UAE – 1/30/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — GBI, a global shared- and managed-services provider that owns and operates a multilayer carrier neutral network bridging the world to the Middle East, hosted a leadership-development workshop by Awareness to Action International (ATAI) for its team that addressed the team’s dynamics and different personalities styles, and identified development strategies within the context of the company’s needs.

Amr Eid, Chief Executive Officer of GBI, said, “Our people are our greatest asset and we are determined to continue to inspire, nurture and attract talent. Being on a transformational journey, it is essential for our organization to gain insight into how to establish team cohesion and effective action plans when adapting to the changing corporate landscape. I am confident that our agility and adaptability will help build future leaders.”

The workshop, called “The Awareness to Action Personalities@Work Workshop,” was conducted by two executive coaches from (ATAI) – Mario Sikora, President, and Tamer Zanaty, VP, Global Strategy and Business Development and head of Middle East Operations. The two-day event demonstrated the impact of different personality styles on leadership and teamwork and how the understanding of those personality styles can be used to improve individually and collectively. The next phase of the workshop will see the team in action as GBI plans to bring its leadership team for a “strategy workout session.”

Mario Sikora said, “At Awareness to Action International we are always excited to work with dynamic and fast-growing companies like GBI.” He added, “During the Personalities@Work program, the GBI leadership team demonstrated why they will continue to be successful. They showed intelligence, a bias for action, and a hunger for meaningful insights and cutting-edge leadership knowledge. We are proud to be partnered with them in their efforts to continue to be the best at what they do.”

Tamer Zanaty said, “The Personalities@Work workshop delivered to GBI’s Leadership team is the first ATAI project in the Middle East that is part of a long-term strategic partnership with leadership teams in this market”. Tamer added, “The world is going through unprecedented changes – and this region is not an exception. There are major challenges that are facing leadership teams everywhere, but they can represent new and exciting opportunities for those with the adaptability and leadership skills to capture them. At ATAI, we are focused on helping our clients prepare by developing their leadership teams with our unique Awareness to Action Leadership Model, a model that weaves together the most useful insights from cognitive and evolutionary psychology, time-tested leadership and management practices, and personality studies.”

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About GBI

Gulf Bridge International (GBI) is a global shared and managed services provider that owns and operates a multilayer carrier neutral network bridging the world to the Middle East. The GBI network connects the Middle East to Singapore towards the East and Egypt on the West, using two alternative terrestrial routes to protect traffic, crossing the Mediterranean to Italy into major European cities. Ensuring diversity by establishing its North Route, this new link from the Gulf to Europe via Iraq and Turkey added an ultra-low latency link from the GCC straight to the heart of Europe.

GBI is a carriers’ carrier for telecom operators, ISPs and governments throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia offering a broad portfolio of wholesale and enterprise services. GBI is a catalyst for growth.


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About ATAI

Awareness to Action International is an international consulting group that helps clients in developing the kind of practical self-awareness that leads to effective action.

Our consultants come from a wide variety of industry backgrounds, from international banking to publishing, giving us a unique breadth and depth of experience. Our experience with the Enneagram model of personality styles in working with–and getting results in–organizations of all sizes throughout the world is hard to match.

We work with organizations of all sizes—from small regional companies to non-profits to multibillion-dollar international corporations. We have experience working with leaders and teams on five continents and bring a multi-cultural mindset to our engagements. We are proud of the results we deliver to our clients, and we take pride in the fact that we are always learning from our clients, developing our own awareness and insights so we can better help you.

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