Simons of London produce new Coated Leather case for the iPhone 7 with card slots

Who leaves their iPhone at home?

LONDON, ENGLAND – 1/30/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Who leaves their iPhone at home? Most people take their phone with them wherever they go. Shopping, to the gym, commuting, travelling ..  There will always be that photo opportunity, the need to keep up with friends, the chance to keep up to date and surf the web.

It may be helpful to have a phone case with card slots so that all the essentials are kept together.

Simons of London has produced New Coated Leather cases with card slots for the iPhone 7 Plus. This may mean freedom – a wallet is no longer required!  Customers have both their iPhone and their cards with them at all times.

 The iPhone 7 Plus has significant improvements over its predecessors including improved battery life, a dual camera set up and water resistance. With more computing power than that was used to send a rocket to moon, the 7 Plus is truly a portable computer.

Like most cell phones, the iPhone 7 Plus can be slippery and many find that a Coated Leather case can help prevent the phone from being dropped. Simons of London cases ensure the iPhone is less likely to slip and has protection if the worst happens. These leather back covers walk the line between full on protection and a fashion statement which keeps the classic lines of the iPhone.

The cases for the 7 Plus come in two colours Walnut Brown and Classic Black. They also come with a pouch and gift box.

As CEO Simon Cotton says “We want to provide the perfect gift, whether for a friend or for yourself. We do not want your iPhone to feel like a brick, but like the slim classic iPhone that you purchased. We, like our customers, want to make a fashion statement.  All our covers currently have free postage and come in presentation packaging. We hope you like them.  ”

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