Professional Speaker Vows That Mental Toughness And Faith Will Get Anyone Through Any Circumstance

“Every Life Event Adds To Your Destiny”

Atlanta, Ga – Duane Humphrey inspires people throughout the world with his down-to-earth approach of delivering keynote speeches.  He uses practical examples to ensure his audiences that he understands challenges, while issuing sound solutions. 

“For most of my adult life, not having enough money prevented me from doing things like taking my family on a vacation or getting car repairs.  Eventually, I realized my vision was too small and selfish.  I started volunteering my time to the YMCA along with giving money to various charities.  All of a sudden my blessing came to life.  Money is no longer an issue for me. I now understand that life is more about giving than receiving,” Humphrey said. 

He says further, “There’s a season for everything.  Desired results should not be seen with eyes that only see  current circumstances.  Instead, those desired results should be seen with faith.  Faith helps us see what is hoped for and assures us what we do not see” 

The core of Humphrey’s speeches assemble around the notion that opportunities are often disguised as setbacks or perceived failures.  His listeners are showered with real-life examples of how mental toughness can strengthened anyone’s resolve.  In turn, those who hear his keynotes are frequently motivated and empowered with an “I can do this no matter what” attitude.

Humphrey has been downsized from five companies.  Each time was devastating, but he insists those moments were necessary for his personal growth.  He talks about those grueling visits to the Department of Labor.  He speaks about not having enough money for gas.  He also explains how feeling sorry for himself made those situations worst.

In essence, Humphrey’s shortcomings became his blessings.  He encourages everyone to fight through the “bad times” because they are only temporary. The mental toughness speaker maintains that all dreams must step through the challenges of life.  Afterwards, those challenges transform to testimonies.  

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