Synchrono Demand-Driven Matters Podcast Series Aims at Helping Manufacturers Improve Production Flow

Synchrono (, a leader in modern demand-driven manufacturing software, announced the availability of the fifth installment in the popular series, 5 Key Elements that Drive Flow. All five episodes are now “binge” available through the Demand-Driven Matters podcast.

As the title implies, the series is composed of five episodes; each addressing one of the five elements that work to improve the overall rate of production flow in Demand-Driven Manufacturing. Demand-Driven Manufacturing is a method of manufacturing where the production of goods is based on actual orders (demand) rather than forecast. The method is rapidly gaining adoption with the support of modern software technologies.

Maintaining a constant rate of production flow is critical in driving key performance indicators (KPIs) including throughput and operating expense in the right direction. When flow is interrupted, or there are bottlenecks in the production line, performance is degraded and customer delivery dates suffer. The 5 Key Elements that Drive Flow podcast series combines practical advice and real-world examples to help manufacturers achieve and maintain an optimal rate of production flow.

The Elements addressed are:

1. Controlling the Release. Discusses how traffic jams can be cleared to keep production moving.

2. Synchronize Activities. How Demand-Driven Manufacturing solutions align all elements to complete an order (people, processes, materials, machines) prior to releasing the order into production – and do this while still achieving high on-time delivery rates.

3. Continuous Improvement. Reviews best practice approaches for continuous improvement and its impact on Demand-Driven Manufacturing production flow.

4. Extend to the Supply Chain. Tips for engaging and synchronizing the external supply chain.

5. Align Metrics. Suggested metrics to focus on to improve and maintain an optimal rate of production flow.

All five episodes of the podcast series are available from at or the SynchronoSoftware channel on YouTube.

About Synchrono

Synchrono LLC enables the modern, digital demand-driven visual factory of the future; synchronizing people, processes, machines, materials and data to drive production flow from order inception to delivery. The award winning Synchrono Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform includes a production planning, scheduling and execution system; ekanban inventory replenishment and supply chain collaboration software; a data collection, historian and automated workflow engine; alert management and monitoring software; and a real-time visual factory information system.

The Platform components may be implemented independently or collectively to enable the Internet of Things and an unprecedented foundation for communication, collaboration and continuous improvement. Synchrono helps clients manage constraints, improve flow and drive on-time delivery to maintain a competitive edge.

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