FlexMOD Solutions Leads the MJ Grow Industry with Its Compliant Extraction Labs and Numerous Turnkey Solutions for a Technology-Rich, Best in Class, Commercial Facility

DENVER, Colorado – 31 Jan, 2017 – FlexMOD created a huge buzz at a Las Vegas show this past fall with the exhibition of its 8’x10’ Modular Extraction Lab (the smallest model). FlexMOD’s extraction labs are cost-efficient, compliant, engineering peer-reviewed, and Class 1 Division 1. They are built to global industrial standards and are available in numerous configurations and sizes (up to 16’x40’) for any commercial operation. 

Compliance has become the hotbed subject in the rapidly growing marijuana industry.  As Dano Keys, FlexMOD’s CEO states, “If your operation is not in compliance with municipalities’ public safety regulations, you’re going to be out of business.”  FlexMOD’s Modular Extraction Labs set a new standard for compliance solutions. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in FlexMOD’s industry-leading offerings. If you don’t know where to start, FlexMOD now offers design services, which is the first step in assessing the feasibility, scope and estimated cost of your project. The design team and subject matter experts at FlexMOD will work with you to understand your goals, budgets and timeframes. The result will be a General Floor Plan and Layout, Equipment Specifics Summary, General Assembly and Layout and finally, a Budgetary Quote.   

FlexMOD offers a turnkey modular interior build-out solution that will have a new business up and producing in less than half the time of a conventional MJ commercial grow facility. 

FlexMOD’s interior modular wall systems are pre-engineered and built to be durable, easy to clean, mold resistant and maintenance-free. These interior systems can be completely dismantled and relocated. Therefore, you get the tax advantage of 7 year depreciation, as opposed to the 39 years required with conventional construction. (Check with your financial advisor.) 

FlexMOD modular wall systems are also constructed with interfacing walls, ceilings and components to provide a clean room environment and effectively allow full control of airflow, pressure, and temperature. Multiple room configurations include Flower, Veg, Clone, Dry Cure and Vault, MIPs Kitchen, Class M DEA Rated Vault, along with custom production MODs. 

Also be sure to check out FlexMOD’s Wall Kit Systems. They offer Basic, Basic Plus and Full Service Installation options. 

If you have an onsite general contractor, FlexMOD can design and engineer wall systems to specifically fit your application, and then ship the wall systems kit to you. All of our components are manufactured to precise standards, labeled and delivered with a complete set of CAD drawings to make on-site installation quick and convenient. Or, you can also let our highly qualified team install the systems for you. 

With leasing options for our FlexLABs and funding options for facilities and build-outs  available through our financing partners, FlexMOD has you covered.

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