Physiotherapy Specialist Re-Launches Interactive Website For Information On Chronic Injury Treatment

St. Albert, AB – Physiotherapy specialists, Athletes’ Advantage Physiotherapy, announce they have improved their website to allow more interaction between them and their visitors who require chronic and acute injury treatment. They help in identifying underlying movement faults that limit athlete’s performances and those that make them susceptible to injuries. They help in allocating underlying causes and integrate various treatments, like therapy and IMS, with exercise programs that create peak performances.

“Common sense has it that injury prevention is preferable to treatment.” Athletes’ Advantage Physiotherapy spokesperson, Norm DeNault says. “No one would want to suffer sudden agony or go through lingering loss of functions that arise from torn ligaments. However, few sporting teams take the appropriate steps required to stop athletic injuries. This is despite the first step being as simple as the incorporation of an effective warming up the program.”

Many teams simply run a few laps followed by some stretching as warming up exercises. These are never enough to reduce the severity or number of injuries that athletes face. Effective warming up programs calls for dynamic stretching, proper execution of complicated movement patterns and exercise portions designed to strengthen the major muscles. This could sound complicated. However, experts with the Medical Assessment and Research Center at FIFA have come up with a three leg warming up the program. This program has been certified in decreasing the severity and frequency of injuries, in both male and female athletes, within various sporting disciplines. This program is referred to as the FIFA Eleven Plus.

FIFA Eleven Plus helps in the correction of improper leg alignment through strengthening crucial muscles and through improving an athlete’s movement and technique habits. A study conducted on this program revealed a fifteen percent injury rate for athletes who underwent regular FIFA Eleven Plus programs compared to a twenty-six percent injury rate for those who did not undergo this program. In addition, severe injuries fell by almost fifty percent within the group performing this warming up the program.

Athlete’s Advantage Physiotherapy employs a proven method that prevents injuries. This involves screening each athlete for high-risk patterns of movement. The results enable experts to make corrections to identified issues before serious injuries can occur. The experts also assist their clients in determining when it is safe for them to go back to competitive play. They have in place the Move 2 Perform program that takes into account individual scores on specific assessments that also include demographic information analysis. These combine to determine objectively what progress an athlete is making.

Further information is available using the contact information listed below.

Athletes’ Advantage Physiotherapy is located at 190 Carleton Dr #103 in St Albert, AB T8N 6W2.

The company can be contacted via phone at (780) 460-9977 or at their website

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