The Best Drycleaners in Middlebury

We understand the value of having a dependable laundry delivery service.
As a trusted home pick up and delivery service in Middlebury, Ziker Cleaners is committed to giving customers the very best laundry service on the face of the planet.

People are on the move, and many of them are busy from sunup to sundown. These are some of the folks that can really appreciate a dry cleaning deliver service that delivers on a promise.

At Ziker Cleaners, we also keep environmental safety in mind when we design and delivery products and services. Our Ziker GreenTouch System™is a perfect example. Three different types of cleaning methods are used by the system, and each one is proven to be environmentally safe. Both residential and commercial customers in Middlebury can expect to receive the very finest quality of dry cleaning care.

Here Is an Overview of our Products and Services

1. We utilize green non-hazardous drycleaning solutions that get the job done. We pride ourselves in being the first company to market that uses both SolvonK4 and GreenEarth cleaning methods. They are both biodegradable. We are committed to offering a service and protecting the environment at the same time. Our customers need not fret about their clothing smell or if they contain any hazardous materials. All garments come out expertly pressed and spotted.

2. The Wet Clean process takes into consideration the fact that many garment soils are better served with a state-of-the-art wet cleaning process as opposed to solvents. Our process leaves clothes and garments looking as fresh as the day they were purchased.

3. Recycle Garment Packaging is another program we use to benefit the environment. We actually recycle the materials used to package your garments. This helps us to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.

We also offer the following:

• Laundered Shirts – We take a lot of pride in being named the “best drycleaners” in town. You simply give us your specifications of how you want your shirts to turn out, and we will make it happen to your exact specifications. Our state-of-the-art finishing equipment, along with a thorough inspection and hand touch-up, allows us to deliver the best outcomes possible.

• Household cleaning s another one of our areas of expertise. From blankest and bedspreads to comforters and other items, we clean according to the instructions of the product’s original manufacturer. We can deliver on a hanger on in a Tyvek storage bag. We leave the choice up to you.

• We also clean wedding gowns like no one else. We have a ton of experience; unlike other drycleaners who may only clean five or fewer wedding gowns during any month. We think every wedding gown should be cleaned and preserved. After all, their very existence represents an amazing memory and experience. We use tissue paper that is free of acids. We also use a presentation bust so that your gown will maintain its perfect shape and form. You can count on it remaining in perfect condition for years to come.

• Many people do not consider cleaning their US flag. We think it is an important gesture, and offer free flag cleaning services. There is no charge. You bring it—and we will clean it.

Superior alteration services are an addition hallmark at Ziker Cleaners. We make sure all our alterations are to exact customer specifications.

Customer service means a lot. Customers can easily tell when superior services are offered on a daily basis. Time, for many people, is important. For some, there simply is not enough time in the day to wash and iron garments. Thus, a drycleaning service can provide a win-win situation for everyone.

For customer convenience, additional locations are provided at :251 E. Sample St., South Bend, IN; 207 Dixie Way South, South Bend, IN; 2330 Sound Bend Ave., South Bend, IN; 420 E. Ireland Rd. South Bend, IN; 3903 Portage Rd., South Bend, IN; 12431 Bittersweet Commons, Granger IN; 1808 East Bristol St. Elkhart, IN; 7424 Gumwood Rd., Mishawaka, IN; 340 Bittersweet Rd., Mishawaka, IN; 1240 South Byrkit St., Mishawaka, IN.

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