Miami Real Estate Trends Announces Monad Terrace Condo Sales

US – Miami Real Estate Trends has just released their new waterfront condominium, the Monad Terrace on Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach. The terrace is comprised of 59 specially designed units that glamorously wrap the entire curvature along the lagoon seated below. Its design cues have its stylings thanks to Ateliers Jean Nouvel, a master architect who sculpts the exuberant aesthetics of the outdoor space that is enclosed by vivid overreaching gardens of native flowers and plants.

At a time when luxury dwells and lifestyles are a necessity to enhance the status, it can be difficult to find the perfect suite to call home. There is a plethora of places to peruse in the Miami area, but the amount of housing arrangements that focus on details at every inch of the build is slim. Many customers find it frustrating to locate a desirable condo for their money, with quality worth in appearance, comfort, convenience and location.

Miami Real Estate Trends recognizes the plague that has brought detriment to many customers and aims to correct it with the arrival of the Biscayne Bay Luxury Condos, as they offer the biggest bang for the dollar with all premium conveniences and essential commodities. The tastefully decorated Nouvel condos draw in bright lights and pleasing visuals through its overlook of the alluring pool and lagoon. The landscape is filled with aquatic plants and an infinity edge that’s surrounded by filtered foliage and interlayered panels, ensuring privacy is met with beauty and comfort.

Monad Terrace South Beach is the only prime spot to reside and is a guaranteed spot to provide the utmost pleasure to any resident. With it spacious 10-foot ceilings, wood flooring, and private elevators any potential resident will find satisfaction in the ease of commute throughout the premises and roomy units. The service is unmatched, providing valet parking, juice bar and café, as well as a private residents’ lounge arena so every moment is met with relaxation.

“Monad Terrace is composed of 59 individually designed waterfront residences around a glittering lagoon. Monad Terrace’s unique honeycomb saw tooth façade captures, diffuses, and reflects incoming light, simultaneously framing views and providing privacy.”

Monad Terrace Miami Condo Sales are all designed to personally suit any resident looking for all-out perfection. Miami Real Estate Trends provides the essential luxury condo for a luscious lifestyle, produced by the master architect Ateliers Jean Nouvel, sure to exceed the standard of what extravagance has ever been known as before. With Miami Real Estate Trends announcing these new condominiums, customers have begun flocking to their premises, because unlike other dwells in the area, these Biscayne Bay condos strive for excellence inside and out.

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