Aptugo is a Customizable Web Development Solution that Offers Immense Speed and Power

Web development has typically been a long, complicated and costly process for organizations who wish to produce robust, dynamic websites, but a new system entitled Aptugo (www.aptugo.com) promises to change that.  Aptugo is a platform that produces a powerful web application with a full range of functions specifically tailored to your organization’s needs. Whether it is inventory management, customer databases, financial records management or other operations, Aptugo can produce a web system to fulfill that purpose in a matter of minutes.

Developed by noted IT architect Gaston Gorosterrazu, Aptugo is currently a fully functional system in beta.  Aptugo has been in development for almost three years and is capable of producing powerful apps that integrate quickly and easily with existing digital systems.  Aptugo is fully capable of producing clean code that supports further adaptation to almost any new applications in the future. This platform also allows web developers to easily and visually manage data structures. Aptugo’s is fully conformable to any programming language and operating platform.

This powerful new system promises to make obsolete many of the most time consuming aspects of web development, but Aptugo still needs refinement to make it palatable for consumers.  In order to take this fully functional beta to the sleek, appealing consumer model, Aptugo still requires some tinkering.  In order to bring this project to completion, Gaston Gorosterrazu has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  In return for your generous support, you may receive perks like Aptugo access, website creation, and sponsorship on the Aptugo website. To learn more about Aptugo or to make a financial contribution, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/aptugo-build-your-own-web-applications

Media Contact
Company Name: Aptugo
Contact Person: Gaston Gorosterrazu
Email: gaston@aptugo.com
Country: United States
Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/aptugo-build-your-own-web-applications