Oceanside Mayor To Make Major Feb. 2nd Announcement To Launch “Youth Success Week” To Soon Spread Nationwide, with Stedman Graham, Leading Educators, Authors, Celebrities At His Side

OCEANSIDE, CA – 1 Feb, 2017 – On February 2nd, 2017, Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood will present nationally acclaimed author/speaker Stedman Graham, along with co-founder of the Oceanside-based Quantum Learning Network Bobbi Deporter, and Oceanside School Superintendent Duane Coleman, with an official proclamation declaring the first week of February 2017 to be “Youth Success Week” in Oceanside. The presentation, with a brief press conference to follow, will convene at 2:45 p.m. PST at the Truax Theater at El Camino High School in Oceanside.

Youth Success Week is actively underway and already bringing together an unprecedented 36,000+ Oceanside students, parents, government, business, and community leaders with the goal of more fully empowering the city’s youth with the life readiness skills they’ll need to succeed. At the proclamation event, Stedman Graham will amplify on his decision to launch the visionary week long program in Oceanside before expanding it to other cities across the U.S.

The program seeks to unite local members of government, business, law enforcement, community, educators, parents, and students for a week of intensive leadership development training and engagement all designed to demonstrate that when communities come together on a non-partisan basis to show they truly care about and are committed to student achievement at the local level – without the need for outside government assistance – dramatic transformative changes can result in the self-esteem, character, discipline, critical thinking sklls, and college-readiness of often disaffected youth in preparing them to become better citizen participants and leaders of tomorrow. The week long program has been in development for four years.

In addition to the above notable figures, award-winning New York Times bestselling author Julian Guthrie, who recently wrote “How To Make A Spaceship,” along with those referenced in her book, to include acclaimed aviator and grandson of Charles Lindbergh, Erik Lindbergh, and world’s first private commercial space pilot and astronaut, Mike Melvill, will be on hand to answer questions from San Diego television, radio stations, and newspapers invited to cover this transformative, historic event.

In keeping with Youth Success Week’s underlying theme of encouraging innovative, positive, entrepreneurial changes at the local level without the need for outside government assistance, immediately after Mayor Wood’s proclamation presentation, Guthrie, Lindbergh, and Melvill will engage in a panel discussion entitled: HOW TO MAKE A SPACESHIP: MISSION I’M POSSIBLE. The panel will explore Guthrie’s thrilling new book that chronicles the epic race to fund, find, and back the first team in history to make a reusable spaceship capable of launching private citizens into space, returning to earth, and landing safely on its own power – without need of government assistance.

In 2004, SpaceShipOne made history and headlines around the world when the completely self-funded private space mission won its then little known inventors a $10 million XPRIZE. SpaceShipOne is now on permanent display at the Smithsonian and led Richard Branson to buy the rights and now create his own Virgin Galactic to pave the way for the coming $1 billion dollar+ private space tourism industry.

An inspiring, behind-the-scenes look at how to overcome insurmountable odds, never take no for an answer, consistently think outside the box, work together as a team, and ultimately demonstrate the kind of transformative leadership that can allow anyone, to include young, elderly, students, parents, business, and community members alike, to reach for the stars and live their dreams.


Audience Q&A with contest for limited number of autographed books to follow panel discussion.

SPECIAL BONUS: A rare commemorative keepsake flown aboard SpaceShipOne will be presented to one lucky prize winner in attendance. Additional surprises, special guest appearances to be announced on site.

An online webcast of the panel discussion will also be broadcast to up to two dozen invited nationwide STEM and youth space enthusiast educational organizations, inclusive of NASA Digital Learning Network, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Education Site, Challenger Center For Space Science Education, Afterschool Universe, American Museum of Natural History, Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI), National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA), WGBH Educational Foundation (PBS), and all interested members of the public across the globe.

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