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WASHINGTON, DC – 1/31/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — We live in a fast-paced world, in which creativity drives us in almost every area of life. Whether someone is  a writer, a musician, an engineer or a designer, they rely on their creativity to make their living or to create a business that works for them.  Anyone who creates anything with their mind finds a tremendous amount of value in their creations. The problem is, while your creativity is valuable to you, it may be seen as valuable by others. If that is the case, someone may try to appropriate a creative work for their own use.  They may try to outright steal the idea and and attempt to race to market with it, or they may just  put their name on it and pass it off as their own.  That is why everyone who does something creative should use the services offered by

How Does Copyright Work?

Technically, according to copyright law, everyone who creates a unique and distinctive work has an automatic copyright in it, which means the copyright holder has the sole right to benefit from their work. Regardless of their reasons, if someone steals the creative work of another, the owner of the work will want to take them to court and enforce their copyright. However, there is just one problem. If they take someone to court, it won’t be enough to say they have a copyright in the work. To win their case, it will be necessary to prove copyright, including ownership and the date of copyright. And one easy and secure way to do that is by registering their valuable creation and making a copyright deposit with

How a Deposit Through Protects You

The technology provided by and its deposit system is among the most sophisticated anywhere. Our system can handle virtually any type of creative work. Of course, we can protect your written and design work in our system via a three-step file upload of a creative work you either saved or scanned previously, but we are far more sophisticated than that. Through our deposit system, you can also obtain copyright protection for YouTube videos through our system and through our proprietary PrestaShop software or WordPress blog, you can receive copyright protection for all of your e-commerce products and your website content, including posts, articles and medias for WordPress website.

When you make a copyright deposit through, the protection for your creative work is established immediately. The deposit of your creative work is witnessed by a notary public and it establishes a date certain for the creation of your work, which means everyone who produces something that is either identical or confusingly similar is potentially infringing on your rights and you will have proof of copyright  that is incontestable because the deposit  cannot be altered by anyone, including the copyright holder. Making such a deposit creates an official witness of your right to your creation, whatever it is and established that you became the official owner on a specific date.  

In the United States, when copyright protection is established, that protection is valid for life. Someone who establishes copyright for their creative work through a copyright registration and deposit with will always be protected from infringing parties. Best of all, the copyright protection they receive is valid in all 172 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. That means the protection provided by  is valid almost everywhere in the world. That’s a lot of protection for a relatively small price.

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