Going Rogue = Going Down

The Harvard Business Review reports, “The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources.” In today’s world of do-it-yourselfing, independent thinking, and lone rangering, the common denominator is failure. Success is NOT a lonely endeavor, it is one crowded with supporters, with resources, and most importantly a mentor that can bring a business executive to his/her highest levels of performance.

Today’s smartest and most successful executives thrive because of their secret weapons: objective mentors. These experts are sought for their ability to view and facilitate solutions to many issues facing the executive. Utilizing the talent and knowledge of these outside experts gives an advantage over their competition by adding a birds-eye view to the organizational leadership.

The brain trust formed by internal and external experts allow leaders to work teams at their best, working collaboratively to solve the most challenging problems, building teamwork, and increasing productivity. This use of agile talent keeps the team nimble and encourages closer relationships internally.

A good friend once explained the importance of outside advice with the question: “How can you read the label if you are inside the jar?” Obviously, multiple perspectives can vastly improve the quality of the information available to executives in making key decisions. It stimulates faster development and better longevity.

A coach is a BAD IDEA for you if the following apply:

• You have all of the fresh ideas and the confidence that goes with them to carry your business through 2017.
• You are not and have never been stuck in your business or career.
• Your team is a cohesive, happy unit that sees all and knows all.
• You are far too advanced for someone else to see any weaknesses in my thinking, disciplines or actions.
• Your future is SOOOOO bright, even shades are not enough.

A great coach can make a tremendous difference to a business. In a comprehensive study by the International Coach Federation, participants reported:

• a median 700% increase on investment for those that retained coaching for a minimum of 6 months.
• 51% said their team effectiveness increased.
• 61% reported better overall business management.
• 72% saw improved communication skills.
• An astounding 73% noticed a much higher quality of interpersonal relationships.

But, maybe you are in the category above and do NOT need the intelligence or insight of someone else. If that’s that case, you are in good company with the others watching the leaders in your industry pull ahead. If, on the other hand, you are ready for innovation and domination in 2017, perhaps we should talk.

So where to start? The entire premise of the Xanadu Code is to identify the best practices of top leaders in their fields and replicate those practices that empower without debilitating. What are your top techniques for maxing out your productivity while maintaining a healthy life balance?

Knowledge is power. By identifying and capitalizing on proven methods to reduce stress and maximize productivity and life satisfaction, the Xanadu Code, the path to peaceful innovation and progress, becomes clear. Look for the soon to be released book, Xanadu Code, Reclaiming your Path to Passion, Purpose, Power and Peace.

For more information, contact founder and CEO Zsolt Bicskey at: www.XanaduCode.com

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