Eternal Roots Creates Custom Family Documentaries to Preserve Life Stories

San Diego, CA – Eternal Roots, available at, creates family lineage documentaries that are beautifully edited and delivered on a custom external flash drive and transcribed book, serving as priceless family mementos. Eternal Roots interviews you or a loved one to record life stories and family history, and the interview is preserved on video. The video is supplemented with your personal photos, bringing your stories to life. The video is transcribed into a hardcover book and divided into chapters, also supplemented with photos, and a custom book jacket is created. Your stories will be preserved both orally and in writing. You can even request that additional copies be mailed directly to people you designate.

Many people intend to document their lives and accomplishments, or that of their parents, but people are constrained by time and technical ability. Life also gets in the way and tomorrow is taken for granted. Tomorrow is not promised for any of us, so we should all have a sense of urgency to record our stories.

We have common desires for connection, certainty, growth, contribution and meaning, and to be remembered. Eternal Roots serves these fundamental human needs by providing a vehicle to preserve your life story and family history. By engaging Eternal Roots, you can sit back and share your stories, and Eternal Roots will handle the rest. You don’t have to worry about outlining the interview, video editing or book production. You only need to share your story from the comfort of your home.

Eternal Roots will travel to your home in Southern California for an in-person interview. Eternal Roots is now available anywhere in the United States through remote video conferencing. As long as you have a webcam and internet connection, Eternal Roots can work with you.

Eternal Roots has several packages available at different price points. You can do a short overview of your life for one hour in the Highlights Package, or you can dive deep into your story for up to three hours in the Reflection Package. Couples can do separate and joint interviews in the Unity Package. You can even create a tribute video for a loved one in the Tribute Package. A new offering is the Wonder Package, where your child (age 8 to 18) can record their childhood story for posterity. Lastly, if you have already written your memoirs but want them preserved in a hardcover book and supplemented with photos, the Memoir Package is for you.

Tom lives in San Marcos, California with his family, and has been practicing law for 13 years. This project began after Tom interviewed his 96-year old grandfather, where he incorporated photos throughout the video and transcribed book. He shared the experience on social media, and people commented that they wished they did this exercise with their own parents when they had the opportunity. Tom recognized people have a need to connect with their roots, and this could provide real value to people. Eternal Roots was born soon thereafter. is the leading provider of personalized family legacy biographies. Eternal Roots ensures every video project is edited to perfection and easily stored on a custom flash drive and transcribed book, to share with future generations.

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